3D Technology at Fab Masters Co.

Press Release:
  Jun 29, 2010 — Fab Masters Company, Inc. announces Rapid Prototyping as new service offering. With the arrival of our new Dimension BST 1200es, 3D printer we are now providing in-house Fused Deposition Modeling which uses a heated nozzle to extrude ABS plastic having a 0.01” diameter onto a work piece. In this type of rapid prototyping, fused plastic is deposited layer by layer according to the 3D model-C.A.M/ C.A.D software. Working models are ready to use right from the printer, maximum size being 10” x 10” x 12”.

Rapid prototyping speeds the design cycle and offers a low cost option for short runs, since no tooling is required.

Rapid prototyping allows engineers, designers, managers and end users to check designs for usability, appearance, manufacturability, form, fit, function, prior to committing to conventional manufacturing. One day turnaround is available (when requirements are met), and prices are very competitive.
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