Automatica: Montech Introduces New Conveyor Solutions

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  May 5, 2010 — At Automatica and Intersolar, taking place concurrently in Munich, visitors at the Montech stand 318 in hall B1 will find consolidated solutions and the latest innovations for transport, handling and intralogistics from the Swiss company.

New: multitrack conveyor
To convey cumbersome and heavy pieces, Montech offers a multitrack conveyor with belts or toothed belts, which can carry weights up to 100 kg. The conveyor is available with three different drives with spur gear motor: one by inverter, one by inverter plus integrated point-to-point positioning or fixed speed. The smooth and delicate handling of pieces is guaranteed by accurate acceleration and braking curves. “Shortly, we will also achieve certification for clean room applications,” announces Gianluca Aloisi, Sales Manager, Montech.

New tasks for Montrac
In the past few years, the Montrac system was used in several intralogistic and industrial applications: transport of vehicle headlight components from warehouse to working stations, transport of glass lenses, interlinking of injection molding machines, connection of manual and automatic working stations for car and truck rearview mirrors, automated box handling.
At Automatica, Montech will set up a new and original application for Montrac: the transport system will carry beverages. According to Aloisi, Montrac offers smooth, accurate and safe handling of any kinds of objects, standing out as an ideal solution for exhibitions, museums, showrooms, libraries and catering. Aloisi: “An original application of Montrac can be found in the Swiss Museum of Transport, which adopted Montrac as the core of a handling system for the presentation of 3000 Matchbox cars.”

Conveyors based on standard components
The belt conveyors in standard, Minidrive and Maxi versions are designed to carry parts to or from the various manufacturing stations or they are combined to form complete production lines. The linear transfer LTE by Montech is a longitudinal asynchronous transfer system to convey pallets automatically through working stations for assembly operations.
The Montech conveyors are based on a modular concept with ready-to-use standard components. Thanks to their modularity, the conveyors can be assembled in variable configurations, extended or shortened with a simple and cost-effective approach. “With their modular construction, all belt conveyors by Montech are very suitable for customer-specific transport solutions,” underlines Aloisi.
The conveyors have standard widths included between 45 and 800 mm, while their length can be selected freely up to 15 meter length in one millimeter steps. The conveyors can carry weights up to 125 kg.

Automation components, high flexibility
Users can achieve high flexibility with the electrified automation components: grippers, rotary drives, universal compact slides and Servoline. In electric grippers, the gripping strength and speed can be adjusted independently. The electrically operated rotary drive DAE-60 can move into different positions (up to 31 programmable positions), traveling at different speeds between one position and another. All electrified handling components can be driven by the same regulation device. The preset settings of the regulation device provide for very easy and quick commissioning. In addition, the digital I/Os allow very easy control.

Conveyors for the solar industry
Intersolar and Automatica visitors at the Montech stand will find the full range of belt conveyors for the solar industry: Solar conveyor, unloading conveyor, swiveling conveyors, centering conveyor, removal module, short belt conveyor, vacuum conveyor and the new conveyor for modules.
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