Compact & Lightweight Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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  Jun 12, 2008 — Series UXF2 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter from Dwyer Instruments is a state-of-the-art, economical alternative to magnetic, vortex, and differential pressure transmitters. This transit time flow meter combines advanced microprocessing detection methods with a versatile design to provide accurate and obstructionless flow measurement of any clean water application. This ultrasonic flow meter features high reliability and accuracy (up to 0.5%), and long-term maintenance-free operation.

Programming the UXF2 ultrasonic flow meter is simple via the front panel keypad; no PC is required for setup. Compact and lightweight, they incorporate the latest LSI technology for compact and rugged design at less than 2 pounds. In addition, the UXF2 features a high-resolution, 2-line, backlit display, and signal quality indication. The non-intrusive clamp-on sensors (Series SX3) are quickly installed without interrupting process flows or incurring pressure loss. These ultrasonic flow meters have a proprietary temperature and pressure compensation system, which completely eliminates error created by process temperature and pressure fluctuations.
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