Constant Natural Frequency Mounts (CNF Type) Automatically Adjusts Stiffness in Response to Load

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  Nov 30, 2012 — AAC has introduced 3 new sizes of constant natural frequency mounts - (CNF Type). The natural frequency of a system by its definition is proportional to the square root of the ratio of its stiffness to its mass.

For a conventional vibration isolator the force vs. deflection curve is a straight line; i.e., they are of "constant stiffness". The CNF type mounts, however, as a result of their embedded internal gaps and supports, will increase their stiffness proportionally with the applied load. Therefore, the natural frequency of such a mount remains constant irrespective of the change of load.

Machinery in, general as designed and manufactured, results in uneven weight distribution as far as the footprint of the machine itself is concerned. Some machines may also have heavy moving parts and, as a result of this, the weight distribution varies as the machine operates. If, in all places conventional vibration isolators are used which are of "constant stiffness"; i.e., the force vs. deflection curve is a straight line, the machine will not be horizontal since different parts of it, due to their weight, will cause different deflections.

This problem can be eliminated if vibration isolators are used, which have the characteristic that the stiffness is increasing proportionally with the load. Such vibration isolators are call the CONSTANT NATURAL FREQUENCY (CNF) isolators.

These mounts, designated as the Series V10Z24, come in three sizes. The V10Z24M10040LD in range 400-1,000 lbs, the V10Z24M10040HD in range 700-1,900 lbs, and the V10Z24-575175 in range up to 8,000 lbs. for nonimpact machinery and 5,000 lbs for impact machinery. They are available from stock for immediate delivery.

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