Direct Drive Air Bearing Planar XY Table

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  Sep 3, 2011 — Utilizing planar linear motor technology, IntelLiDrives, Inc. Cartesian system is a true direct drive single plane positioning stage.

Two components system consists of passive, magnet-free stationary platen, constructed of lightweight composite materials,
and dual axes moving forcer, gliding on the air bearings.

Stage is built with field replaceable cable track, enclosing electrical cable and air supply, and a panel, containing user electrical
and air connectors for a “plug-and-play” installation in less than 5 minutes.

Scalable forcer design provides forces from 25 N to 200 N, motion repeatability 1 micron, travel length up 2 m x 3 m.

IntelLiDrives, Inc. Cartesian system is capable of velocities 2m/sec and offers a cost effective, compact envelope planar linear positioning system.

This system is designed for high accuracy, repeatability and speed, simplifying design by eliminating problem associated with stackable XY tables.

Typical applications include robotics, pick and place automation, electromechanical assembly, material transfer systems,
laser cutting, testing, dispensing and many others.
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