Dynamic Systems Integrates Barcode Software Applications for Contractors / Restoration / and Cleaning Companies

Press Release:
  Nov 2, 2012 — Redmond, WA - Dynamic Systems, an industry leader in Barcode Tracking Solutions since 1981, has just released expanded barcode Tracking Software solutions for Construction. These include: ID Badge Systems, Tool Management, Time and Attendance, and Inventory Management.

The ID Badge area discusses how much theft occurs from job sites that are not monitored by using employee badges. Unauthorized people enter job sites during the day and walk off with equipment and tools as though they employees.

Tool & Equipment Tracking Software discusses Herzog Construction and their solution for managing their tools. Herzog had problems with missing tools and now barcodes items as small as tape measures. They Saved $20,000/month.

Time & Attendance Software points out the problem of keeping track of employees’ hours accurately and the incidence of employee turnover. The Accounting department now has accurate employee payroll data.

Inventory Management is one of the critical components that can affect a contractor’s bottom line. Stockroom can track materials leaving the warehouse to assure that they are used on the job and any items left over are returned.

“These software solutions share a common database that is integrated so contractors can start with one and as their needs change add additional programs”, stated Bill Allen, Process Control Specialist.

“We are extremely pleased with the development and upgrade of The CheckMate Software. The newly integrated solutions show the depth of The Checkmate Barcode Software”, stated Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.

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