ESL to Lead Distribution of ULTIMO Li-Ion UltraCapacitors in North America, with Expertise in Power System Designs

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  Feb 12, 2015 — Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, a leader in the design of motor controls and power systems, has put their expertise in the energy field behind their offering of the ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitor product line. The state of the art ULTIMO supercapacitors are the first commercialized Lithium Ion Capacitors (LIC) on the market and are quickly becoming the energy/power leader due to their superior energy density, charge retention, and higher cell voltage than traditional EDLC supercapacitors. These LIC cells also feature very high cycle life, fast charge/discharge times, high power density, long life, and low maintenance.

Electro Standards Laboratories has direct experience with pulsed power energy systems, load leveling for wireless electric vehicle charging, wave energy harvesting, and hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) that combine batteries, supercapacitors, and converter power electronics. The distribution activity of JSR Micro ultracapacitors by ESL has flourished due to growing demands in renewable energy, pulsed power applications, and hybrid energy storage modules (HESM) or hybrid energy storage systems (HESS). The ULTIMO supercapacitor product line includes both laminate and prismatic individual cells as well as multi-cell modules. Both the laminate and prismatic designs differ greatly from the cylinder shaped designs commonly found in the Lithium Ion Capacitor market. The unique, flat designs of the ULTIMO Supercap cells allow for more compact stacking when used in series, making the most efficient use of space.

ESL also offers an Energy ActionSystem Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelf, Model 3312, Cat# 331209 to compliment the ULTIMO product line. This shelf works with several LiC modules in series to provide connection of up to 9 LiC modules (108 LiC cells) along with associated protection, monitoring, and cell balancing circuitry. This unit can be incorporated into a larger system design or used by itself in applications requiring high power, high energy and LiC energy storage. ESL can also supply custom power and module communication cables to accommodate each customer’s particular application.

Electro Standards Laboratories anticipates that its unique offering of ULTIMO supercapacitors, ActionSystem development shelves, custom cabling, and engineering development services in battery, capacitor and hybrid systems will allow its customers to quickly realize the benefits of ULTIMO supercapacitors in their power systems/applications. ESL R&D services and its new ULTIMO product line provide its clients with a research and development partner that can assist in any phase of development from conception to production.

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