Share 10 Test Device Points and Command/Control through Computer with Model 7206

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  Mar 4, 2015 — Electro Standards Laboratories has designed the Model 7206 10-1 Switch as the perfect solution for Test Labs or other environments requiring the data collection of multiple test points controlled by a single computer or device. The Model 7206 is a 10-Position BNC Interface Switch that allows the sharing of a single device or computer among 10 other devices with manual pushbutton control and RS232 Serial Remote Control operation.

The Model 7206 BNC Switch is commonly used to connect a test unit to the Common port of the switch and then connect multiple devices under test or multiple points of test of the same device under test to up to 10 ports, numbered 1 through 10, on the switch. The switch can then be commanded to switch to a specified test point, and sequence via commands sent to the switch from the computer via RS232 Serial Data. Individual control of the switch position can also be obtained by pressing the front panel pushbuttons (labeled 1 through 10).

The switch ports are transparent to all data and the center pin and shell of each BNC connector is switched. The internal switching mechanisms are relays that maintain their last set position on power loss and continue to pass data. Current rating is one Amp. In-Line Series impedance is 50 ohm and switching to 30 msec. The Model 7206 also features bandwidth rating up to 300 megahertz with less than 3 db loss.

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