Eriez® Metal Detector Paired with Magnetic Separator Creates “Double Team” Defense Against Tramp Metals

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  Aug 19, 2013 — Erie, PA — Matching a powerful magnetic separator alongside a highly-sensitive metal detector is the best defense against unwanted tramp metal which can be dangerous and damage expensive equipment. The “Double Team”
Eriez® Metal Detector/Magnetic Separator combination provides unparalleled protection of valuable crushers and downstream equipment.

Why install both? Neither a magnetic separator nor a metal detector is 100 percent effective in removing metal contamination. Pairing the two pieces of equipment together is the solution to achieving the most complete removal of troublesome tramp metal possible.

“Using the right magnet with the proper metal detection technology can safeguard processing equipment and ensure product purity. This tried-and-true ‘marriage’ keeps users’ products under strict surveillance at all times and prevents unnecessary machine downtime and costly maintenance,” says John Klinge, Eriez Product Manager—Metal Detection.

Metal contamination comes from a variety of sources. Incoming products may contain fine metal objects from the transportation vessel used to deliver the product, including tank trucks and rail cars. The contamination may also originate within the plant because of material processing, granulating, shredding or general abrasion. There's also the human factor: Inevitably, items such as coins, pens and processing tools will occasionally fall into the product stream.

There are several types of magnetic separators and metal detectors that work well together, depending upon the industry. Magnetic separators remove the ferrous contaminants while the metal detector focuses on any ferrous missed by the magnet as well as nonferrous metals, i.e. aluminum, copper, brass, and 300 series stainless steel, according to Klinge.

Eriez engineers work with customers to create the perfect “Double Team” Eriez Metal Detector/Magnetic Separator combination for their specific application needs. Contact the company to learn more.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in separation technologies. The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in the process, metalworking, packaging, plastics, rubber, recycling, mining, aggregate and textile industries. Eriez manufactures and markets these products through 12 international facilities located on six continents. For more information, call toll-free (888) 300-ERIEZ (3743) within the U.S. and Canada. For online users, visit or send email to Eriez World Headquarters is located at 2200 Asbury Road, Erie, PA 16506.

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