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  Nov 7, 2012 — FJM Security Products announces the new addition to our family of FJM Security Combination Padlock Series, now available in an ergonomic shape with short, long, shrouded and shrouded-long shackle versions.

FJM Security’s heavy duty, all weather combination padlocks means no longer turning the locks upside-down and squinting at small numbers! The FJM Combination Padlock shackles have no spring loaded components that will corrode or wear out over time and do not need a mandatory reset key or pin that can become lost. To open the shackle, simply set the dials to the correct combination with no additional pulling, pushing or slamming required!

• Larger, front facing dials
• 10,000 combinations
• Easier to use and reset
• No reset key/pin to lose
• Heavy duty, solid metal
• No internal springs to bind or corrode over time as with current competing products
• Rust and corrosion resistant
• Ergonomic shape
• Great Price!
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