Field Adjustable Acu-Trac® Smart 485 Can Reduce your Level Sensor Inventory

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  Oct 30, 2009 — Janesville, WI - The Controls Division of SSI Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce the release of the Acu-Trac® Smart 485 Configuration Kit.

Easy Field Adjustments – The programmable features of the Acu-Trac® Smart 485 level sensor can be modified anywhere with this new configuration kit, a laptop and a dc power source.
Reduce Your Inventory - only one part needs to be stocked for multiple tanks and level sensing applications.

This kit contains the hardware and software necessary to provide you with the ability to easily reconfigure the Acu-Trac® Smart 485 level sensor for different barrel/tank sizes, response times, and level sensor analog output configuration.

The Acu-Trac® Smart 485 economical level sensor was designed to allow the user maximum flexibility with its user programmable features. It combines level monitoring with RS-485 real time level messaging for storage containers with depths up to 1.9 meters (76 inches) for gasoline and 2.5 meters (98 inches) for other media.

The Smart 485 can be used in general industrial, heavy duty vehicle, diesel engine generators, and mining, agriculture, water and waste water markets. It is chemically compatible with a wide variety of liquids - gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, urea (Adblue), water, wastewater, ethanol, hydraulic fluid, and engine coolants.

The Smart 485 meets NEMA4 standards and has three different electrical outputs choices to best meet your level sensing application need - 4-20mA; ratiometric voltage (0.5 – 9.0V); and non-ratiometric voltage (0.5 – 9.5 V).

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Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin. SSI Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company, which is a leading global supplier of sensors and control solutions for multiple industries and markets. The product line includes pressure sensors, digital pressure gauges, non-contact ultrasonic level sensors, drum level gauges, magnetic sensors - speed and position sensors (hall effect, variable reluctance & magnetoresistive) and sensor based products for use in the automotive, industrial processing, construction, agriculture, heavy truck, marine, sport vehicle, medical, general industrial, test & measurement and other industries.

In addition to its headquarters in Wisconsin, SSI has sales offices in Marburg, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. Access to the company’s broad product offering is available at SSI‘s web site. For more information, visit or call 1-888-477-4320.

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