Fixed Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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  Jun 11, 2008 — The NEW Series UXF1 Converter is part of a fixed ultrasonic flowmeter system based on the transit time measurement method for measuring flow rates of relatively clean homogeneous liquids. Systems are composed of a converter (Series UXF1) and a clamp-on sensor (See Dwyer Series SX1 and SX2 sensors). With its microprocessor-based electronics, this ultrasonic flowmeter can be easily configured from the front keyboard to particular applications. Applications include flow measurement of any fluid through which an ultrasonic signal may be transmitted, including those of unknown sound velocities. The Series UXF1 sensor is ideally suited for liquid flow measurement for pipe diameters from 0.50 to 235 inches.

These ultrasonic flowmeter systems are compact and lightweight, incorporating the latest electronics and high speed digital signal processing technologies (32 bit MPU). This results in high performance and easy operation. This unit features a large LCD display and function keys, as well as a multi-lingual display.
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