Barcode Traceability Software Helps Food Processors Track Down To The Carton

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  Dec 21, 2012 — Redmond, Washington/ Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer specializing in bar code data collection applications has written a white paper discussing why Barcode Tracking is important to Food Growers, Shippers, and packers.

About Dynamic Systems (DSI)
In business since 1981, DSI has been providing Bar Code Traceability Software that tracks Seafood & Food from its origin. The software complies with PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative). Other DSI applications include Inventory Management, Equipment Tracking, Job Costing, and ID Badge Systems. Bar code data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items.

Save Money & Time with Lot to Carton Traceability
A major problem facing Food Manufacturers today is tracking their products down to the case and box level. When a recall happens and there are no tracking solutions in place it takes a lot of time to find out which carton has to be recalled or destroyed. If the lot hasn’t been traced by carton, when the lot is destroyed any other lots commingled with the bad lot must be destroyed too, causing loss of revenue and time.

The SIMBA solution from Dynamic Systems differentiates between cartons that have been commingled with a bad lot and those that haven’t, saving a great deal of money and time. With SIMBA Traceability Systems, companies can comply with Federal & Local Government Regulations. Each package, carton, or pallet can be traced back to it’s origin. SIMBA can print labels faster than you can put them on the boxes!

Other major benefits of The SIMBA Tracking Systems are: Production Reporting Minute by Minute, Accurate Inventory Management, and Detailed Shipping Information.

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