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Ningbo Bei Ke Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. (Ningbo, China)


Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets are made from rare earth raw materials and priced to be the most cost-effective high -energy magnets on the market. Our standard NdFeB is rated to +80 deg C. We offer the whole range of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, with Maximum Energy Product (BHmax) ratings from 33 MGOe to 52 MGOe (N33 to N52) and with a maximum operating temperature rating ranging from +80 deg C to +200 deg C (Grade N to EH) Neodymium magnets are usually provided with a coating to protect against oxidizing. Galvanic processed are used for metallic coating, like nickel, tin or zinc. Nickel-copper-nickel coatings or double coating are possible on request. NdFeB magnets applied range: Acoustic: loudhailer, receiver, microphone, annunciator, sound stage, car audio etc. Electronics: watt-hour meter, water meter, noise meter,transducer etc, Motor: VCM,CDDVD-ROM,dynamo, electromotor, servo motor, Pilot motors, motor, vibrator motor. Machinery and equipment: magnetic separator, magnetic hanging

Ningbo Permanent Magnetics Co., Ltd (Ningb, China)


We specialize in NdFeB, ALnico, SmCO, Ferrite, lifting magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic assembly, magnetic toys, rubber magnets, promotional magnets, flexible magnets, bar magnets, and so on. We also supply permanent and rare earth magnets used for motors, loudspeakers, sensors, instruments, etc.

Master Magnetics, Inc. (Castle Rock, CO)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Master Magnetics offers full line of permanent magnets and magnetic devices for holding, lifting, separating and retrieving. Large inventory of Rare Earth, Ceramic, Alnico Magnets, Flexible Sheeting and Strip, Magnetic Sweepers, Tool Holders and more.

Ningbo Vormag Electronics Co.,Ltd (Ningbo, China)


Bunting Magnetics Co. (Newton, KS)


Bunting Magnetics Co. offers a broad line of permanent magnets and magnetic equipment for industrial use. Magnetic Conveyors, Conveyor Components, Low-Profile Conveyors, Magnetic Metal Separators, Flexible Magnetic Strips and Sheets, and more.

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