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Logo for Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. (Torrance, CA)


NMI produces a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment for aluminum, plastics and ferrous metal, industrial magnetic equipment for lifting, sweeping; impact bin vibrators; magnetic strainers/filters; and rotary kiln dryer systems.

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Logo for Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (Boyne City, MI)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Over 700 products available to Order Online in Ceramic, Rare Earth or Alnico Permanent Magnets or Electromagnetic configurations for holding, lifting, fixturing, conveying and magnetic separation applications. Full design, engineering and product testing capabilities and over 45 years of experience in matching the right magnet to your project.

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Logo for Electron Energy Corporation Electron Energy Corporation (Landisville, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Electron Energy Corporation designs and manufactures high performance rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies. We are the only US producer of SmCo magnets and make products that are 100% DFARS-compliant. We are known for our exceptional testing abilities and design expertise using 2-D and 3-D Finite Element Analysis.

Ningbo Bei Ke Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. (Ningbo, China)


Specifications Magnetic Name Badge 1.Material:PVC 2.Feature:Magnetic 3.Certificate:ISO9001 Magnetic Name Badge 1. Certificate:ISO9001 2. The materials,the Neodymium magnet with hardware and plastic materials. 3. Can be easily attached to clothes,bags,hats with magnet. 4. Can be made in all shapes or styles according to customer's request. 5. Name badge magnetic attachments are excellent for fastening badge to garments which can not hold a pin without damage to the garment.Magnets are also superb for instances where there is short term use with frequent attachment. 6. Name badge magnetic attachments are perfect for suits or expensive clothing that you don't want to be damaged,these badges offer great option for visitors,employees and other frequent wearers of identification. 7. Name badge magnetic attachments come in any styles,shapes and colors,but have a powerful magnetic fastener. 8. Competitive prices on high quality. 9. We have our own NdFeB manufactory in NingBo , also have our own magnetic assembly factory and wind generator factory in NingBo too. Welcome to visit our factory anytime. B.K .MAG supply Magnetic Name Badges since 2005 . After several years develop, B. K MAG becoming one leader of Magnetic Name Tags suppliers here .

Chongqing Seatrend Technology & Development Co. Ltd. (Chongqing, China)


Summarize: Sintered neodymium-iron-boron(NdFeB) permanent-magnet material was developed in 1983. The major composition of NdFeB magnets is Nd2Fe14B. It is the highest magnetism performance permanent-magnet material at present, that can be made into the complex shape magnet, and cut. Property: The (BH) max value of the sintered NdFeB magnet is 5 to 15 times higher than sintered ferrite magnets. Hcj value is 5 to 10 times higher than sintered ferrite and 6 to 10 times higher than AINiCo magnets. The potential magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets are very high. Theoretically, their (BH) max value can be reached to 527 kJ/m³(66MGOe). They can even attract object which weight is 640 times heavier than themselves.



Permanent Magnets NdFeB Magnets Smco Magnets Ferrite Magnets Rubber Magnets AlNiCo Magnets Magnetic Tools Fridge Magnet Magnetic Badge Holder Magnetic Filter Magnetic Lifter Magnetic Attraction Bar Pot magnet, Attraction Magnet Channel Magnets Magnetic Attractor Magnetic Catcher Macmill Magnet Related products: permanent magnets, magnetic products, magnetic materials, NdFeB magnets, SmCo magnets, AlNiCo magnets, Ferrite magnets, flexible magnets, pot magnets, magnetic ruler , magnetic lifter, magnetic filter, magnetic badge holder, magnetic name tag, hook magnets, magnetic sheet, magnetic strip, magnetic label holder, magnetic paper, chuck magnet, magnetic attractor, magnetic catcher and channel magnets etc.

Goudsmit Magnetics Group BV (Waalre, Netherlands)


Permanent (Nd-Fe-B / SmCo / Ferrite) magnets play an important role in our modern, high-tech living environment. They are indispensable in electrical engineering, with applications in dynamos, motors, relays, etc. The use of permanent magnets has also grown enormously in the automotive industry in recent years. Consider applications such as hybrid powertrains, airbags, ABS systems, operation of navigation and entertainment equipment, lane departure warning systems and a variety of sensors. Goudsmit has the AS9100C and ISO-TS 16949 certification.

Cyc Magnet Industry Co Ltd. (Shanghai, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

NdFeB Magnets are the strongest magnets ever made. Nowadays a key functional material in the modern industry, NdFeB Magnets are known for their superior performance in comparison to traditional Magnets. Their usage ranges from auto motors and wind generators to daily life products such as mobile phones and computers. Currently we are manufacturing the following types of NdFeB Magnets, available in every magnetized direction: N35-N52, N30M-N50M, N30H-N48H, N30SH-N45SH, N28UH-N40UH, N28EH-N38EH, N30AH-N35AH

Goudsmit UK (Belfast, United Kingdom)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

As one of the largest global suppliers of magnets, we ship between 50 and 100 million magnets per annum to a diverse range of clients such as automotive, medical and oil and gas. We can carry out the manufacture, coating, magnetisation, inspection and shipping of your products to ISO 9001, AS9100 and TS16949 quality standards.

Ningbo Langsun Audio Co., Ltd (Ningbo, South Africa)


Neodymium Iron Boron magnet, also known as NdFeB Magnets, the most powerful magnets in all permanent magnetic material, it has stronger coercivity and BH max Which can attract heavy object weighting over 600times its weight. NdFeB magnet are available in a number of different grades and properties. Neodymium product's energy from 33MGoe to 53MGoe.,

Prysmag (Shanghai, China)

Contract Manufacturer

Founded in 1996, PRYSMAG GROUP is satisfaction focused. We have been helping our customers accomplish their ideas and address their questions and concerns ever since with expertise and a wide range of customizable products including rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth phosphors, rare earth magnets and other rare earth new materials.

Xinchang magnet Industry Co., Ltd. (chongqing, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Magnets made from NdFeB ( Neodymium Iron Boron) are the most powerful permanent magnetic materials commercially available, possesses high energy ranging from 8 MGOe to 50MGOe and wonderful coercive force. As the third generation of Rare Earth permanent magnet, NdFeB products are less brittle than SmCo, Nd-Fe-B magnet is widely used in motor, inst

Ruisen Magnetics Co.,Ltd (NINGBO, China)


Ceramic magnet, also called Ferrte Magnet . Ferrite Block Magnet, Ferrite Ring Magnet , Ferrite Cylinder Magnet Ferrite Rod Magnet , Ferrite Arc segment, Ferrite Cube Magnet Low cost, widely used in many different applications. Satablemagnetic property with strong demagnetization resistance capability Good corrosion resisitance capacity, no coating required for surface protection.

Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

We are professional magnets manufacturer, and we can provide you the high quality but best price magnets to you. we have passed ROSH test and ISO 9001; you can fully trust our products quality. If you have any interest, you can contact us:caike(AT), We can give you prompt reply.

ALB Materials Inc (Henderson, NV)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

ALB Materials Inc is a supplier of different types magnets, including Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, Micro Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, Flexible Magnets, Custom Magnets etc. For more information please visit at: Feel free to contact us or send us an inquiry at

APW Company (Rockaway, NJ)


Round Electro-Magnets from 0.5" Dia to 4.0" are available from 3 VDC to 230 VDC. Electro magnets are available with moisture resistant Encapsulated coils or our cost effective Non-Encapsulated coils where moisture concerns are not an issue. Pricing is always competitive with a deep OEM discount schedule available.

GoPromos (Gloversville, NY)

Distributor is an on-line service where we help you to "Unleash The Power Of Your Logo" with imprinted promotional products. GoPromos was formed in 1962 by one of the oldest and most trusted writing instrument manufacturers in the country and has been in business for over 40 years.

AZ Industries, Inc. (Hardy, AR)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

AZ Industries, Inc. has been making magnets since 1972 and manufacture all materials in all grades: Alnico, Ceramic, Flexible, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Samarium -Cobalt, plus we deal with garnets, pole pieces using specialty metals, and all shapes including pins, plugs, disks, rings, rectangular and square blocks, triangles, arcs, etc.

Bangor Electronics Co. (Bangor, MI)


BEC manufacturers permanent bonded magnets and assemblies for the television industry and sensor related magnets that range from 4 poles to several hundred poles. BEC is also a basic plastic molder specializing in UL rated grades of polyphenylene oxide. BEC also produces flexible strip magnets.

Magnum Magnetics Corporation (Marietta, OH)


We are a manufacturer of flexible magnetic materials including sheeting, strip and profiles. We can supply our magnet either plain or with a selection of surfaces to satisfy your requirements. We offer precision die-cutting, custom magnetization and custom performance. Please contact us to learn more.

AIM magnet shenzhen co.,ltd (shenzhen, China)


Shenzhen AIM Magnet Co.,Ltd is the professional neodymium magnets manufacturer in china. Our company is the leader in chinese neodymium magnet industry.More than 8 years production and 5 years export experience,and obvious advantages to offer customized magnet with high quality and competitive price

Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd (Anhui ,Hefei, China)

Manufacturer, Service Company

Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd, As a professional and leading manufacturer of Permanent Magnet in China for more than 10 years,we are always improving designs to meet the demand of world market.And receive good reputation for our high quality and best service.

Ningbo Permanent Magnetics Co., Ltd (Ningb, China)


We specialize in NdFeB, ALnico, SmCO, Ferrite, lifting magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic assembly, magnetic toys, rubber magnets, promotional magnets, flexible magnets, bar magnets, and so on. We also supply permanent and rare earth magnets used for motors, loudspeakers, sensors, instruments, etc.

JayKrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. (Ahmedabad, India)


Permanent magnetic equipments : Single /Double /Triple Drum type separator, Magnetic drum pulley, Belt separator, Suspension magnet , Roller separators , Magnetic assemblies as Rods , Grills , Drawers , Plates , Channels etc.. All above equipments are to be manufactured in High power rare earth ma

Astermet (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Astermet offers different products of rare earth and refractory metals: magnesium, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, zirconium. Please, do not hesitate to write us back, if you need to receive any price of any our product. We deliver our products worldwide.

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