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Logo for LSP Industrial Ceramics, Inc. LSP Industrial Ceramics, Inc. (Lambertville, NJ)



The most diversified line of industrial/techncal ceramics in the industry. 80-998% Alumina, Mullite, Steatite, etc. Injection molding, pressing, extrusion, precision grinding. Stock tubes, rods, bushings. Large inventory of unfired alumina tubes and rods allowing unsurpassed flexibility in supplying many needs without expensive hard tooling.

Product(s) by LSP Industrial Ceramics, Inc.
Logo for Refractron Technologies Corp. Refractron Technologies Corp. (Newark, NY)



Refractron Technologies Corp. is a leader in advanced engineered ceramics. Our products include both controlled porosity and densely structured ceramics.

ProStrip Professional Metal Refinishing Inc., (Fort Wayne, IN)

Service Company

Morgan Thermal Ceramics (Augusta, GA)


Morgan Thermal Ceramics can provide you with ceramic fibre insulation products, refractory ceramics or passive fire protection and have a proven track record in a variety of industries. As a single source provider, we offer flexibility, innovation and a commitment to exceeding your expectations with a range of products that are cost effective and perform excellently in temperatures ranging from 500°C to 1600°C.

Jiangxi Pingxiang Xinxing Chemical Environment Friendly Packing Manufacturer (Pingxiang, China)


our inert ceramic balls are widely utilized as the covering or supporting materials of the catalyst in the reactors and the packings in the columns in such varied areas as petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, natural gas and support or protect the active catalyst, which especially have the comparatively lower mechanical strength.

Foshan Miclear Ceramics Technology Co.,Ltd (foshan, China)


Miclear Foshan , the best photoluminescent product in China, has the most comprehensive range of products to exprot all of world. Now people living improve precautionary measures, and the security of pepole material needs to become daily life . Influences our the use of building decorate very important , our products uesd supermarket, family,

Aremco Products, Inc. (Valley Cottage, NY)


High Temperature Industrial Materials and Equipment from Aremco. Aremco was formed in 1965 and since then has devoted its efforts to formulating high temperature materials used throughout industry in design, process and maintenance applications to 3200°F.

CeramTec North America, Inc. (Laurens, SC)


Aluminum Oxide ceramic substrates: RUBALIT® 708S (96% Al203), RUBALIT® 710 (99.6% Al203), Rubalit® 708 HP, and Rubalit® HSS. Aluminum nitride ceramic substrates or ALUNIT® are also available. Tape casting, stamping, lasering, dry pressing, & metallizing

Astro Met, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)


Astro Met, Inc. provides solutions to demanding wear, corrosion, thermal, electrical and biomedical applications through the engineering and manufacturing of advanced ceramics components from alumina, zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina and machinable ceramics.

Cetek Technologies (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

We manufacture substrate material: 96% Alumina, 99.6% Alumina, ZTA, LTCC and AlN. We are able to meet your specifications at a competitive price. Please visit our website for more information. http://www,cetektechnologies.com

CARBO Ceramics (Houston, TX)


CARBO Ceramics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramic media. Our products are primarily used in the hydraulic fracturing process, foundry metal casting and industrial mineral grinding.

Equipment Support Company (Pensacola, FL)


We are a fast growing multi-national organization offering the most complete range of metals and ceramics for the Microelectronic, Display Technology, Magnetic Media, Optical, Glass and Hard Coating Industries.

Sonic-Mill (Albuquerque, NM)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Sonic-Mill offers machining services on a wide variety of technical ceramics and glass materials, including silicon, alumina, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride zirconia, and quartz. We also offer machine sales.

Management Consultants Service L.t.d. (Modena, Italy)


Marketing and Management Advisor for Europe and North Aulting ship. Export consulting , marketing researches,coaching at all levels of the corporate are among our major fields of action. See:www.mcs-consultants.com

Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics - WRT (Latrobe, PA)


Saint-Gobain has specialized in solving unique wear problems by engineering, manufacturing, and installing customized protective systems made of the world's toughest materials for the past 30 years.

Industrial Ceramic Technology, Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI)


CRYSTALOY 2311 and 2321 ceramic composites are electroconductive and can be cut using EDM processes to produce complex shapes not possible by forming or grinding methods.

Abresist Corporation (Urbana, IN)


The Abresist Corporation specializes in providing cost effective solutions to abrasive wear in material handling applications by reducing unplanned downtime, environmental concerns and maintenance costs.

Associated Ceramics & Technology, Inc (Sarver, PA)


At Associated Ceramics & Technology Inc., we specialize in advanced technical ceramics custom fabricated and engineered for your use in electronic, electrical, refractory, wear-resistant chemical applications.

Ceradyne, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA)


A Leader in cast or molded Advanced Technical Ceramics for Components in defense / armor, orthodontics, cathodes, industrial applications, semiconductor processing equipment, automotive and diesel applications.

Advanced Ceramic Technology (Orange, CA)

Contract Manufacturer

Reasons ceramics are chosen for parts: ​ * Resistance to Wear & Corrosion * High Tensile Strength * Low Thermal Expansion * High Thermal Resistance * Dielectric Strength * Electrical Resistance

Applied Ceramics (Atlanta, GA)


10% Discount for ordering hearth products online. Applied Ceramics is proud to offer on-line ordering of catalytic combustors for woodstoves and other Hearth Products.

Du-Co Ceramics Company (Saxonburg, PA)


Du-Co Ceramics Company has been providing quality, service and dependability since 1949, making shapes from steatite, cordierite, porcelain, magnesium oxide, alumina and forsterlte.

Precision Ferrites & Ceramics, Inc. (Huntington Beach, CA)


Precision fabrication of advanced ceramic components. All shapes of oxide and non- oxide ceramic materials, proto- type to full production with fast turnaround.

SMAHT Ceramics, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)


Low CTE, thermal shock resistant NZP-based products/technologies, and Reinforced-MoSi2 materials. Injection molded NZPs/Alumina/Mullite. Sol-gel processed coatings. Materials testing services and solutions consulting.

Superior Technical Ceramics Corp. (St. Albans, VT)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

We put our 113 years of engineering and ceramic manufacturing experience into every specialized ceramic solution to solve each customer's unique problems.

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