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Logo for Scientific Dust Collectors Scientific Dust Collectors (Alsip, IL)



Scientific Dust Collectors manufacturers a full line of fabric and cartridge style dust collectors. We are able to provide you with standard catalog selections as well as highly customized units to exactly match your unique needs, because we perform all fabrication in-house.

Automation Service (Earth City, MO)


Action Feed Systems (Belden, MS)

Manufacturer, Service Company

Full-service automated part feeding; components or turnkey systems. Products: vibratory bowls, vibratory inlines, vibratory hoppers, escapements, pick and place, service, rework, coatings and on-site installation.

ProcessBarron (Pelham, AL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Process Barron's large rotary airlock feeders meter and move fine, sticky materials such as recovery boiler salt cake, pulverized coal, fly ash, bottom ash, sand and limestone to conveyors or ash conditioners.

Performance Feeders, Inc. (Oldsmar, FL)


We use our comprehensive line of vibratory feeder products to manufacture custom vibratory feeder bowl systems to orient and feed a wide range of small parts for all types of manufacturing processes. Our systems can include anything from simple vibratory feeder bowls to complete parts feeding systems that include straight line or gravity tracking, prefeeders (hoppers or elevators), sound and dust enclosures, tables and baseplates, vision-based feeding, part sensors, escapement and part isolation mechanisms, and standard and custom controls packages. Performance Feeders is a leading builder of vibratory bowl feeders, centrifugal feeders, custom conveyor systems and part handling systems. Since 1973 we have built thousands of part feeding systems including vibratory feeder bowls, centrifugal feeders, conveyor belt systems and many other types of automatic parts feeding equipment. Over the years we have diversified our vibratory parts feeding equipment line to include vision feeding systems, step feeders, orienting elevators, tray handling systems and a complete line of peripheral products to compliment our vibratory feeder bowls. We design and build custom parts feeding systems and parts handling systems for manufacturers in the medical, automotive, electrical, pharmaceutical, packaging, factory automation and many other industries. We provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for parts feeding applications

Roboshop Conveyors (Syracuse, NY)


Vibratory part feeders are our Vibratory converyors custom configured to re-circulate, orient and feed parts into a automatic process or machine. We can provide 'Turn-key' systems to meet your part feeding requirements. These feeders are an excellent alternative to standard vibratory feeder bowls. Low noise levels, gentle handling,low maintenance and low costs make these units the best choice in many applications. If you have a part feeding requirement, feel free to contact us for more info. Customers can send us sample parts for evaluation in our feeding systems.

Elscint Automation (Pune, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Elscint Automation manufactures 8 models of Vibratory Bowl Feeders, i.e. 100, 160, 250, 250 D, 400, 400 HD and 630. The Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeders are having CE Marking, thus conforming to the stringent European Safety Norms for Machinery Safety, Low Voltage Directive as well as the Electro Magnetic Compatibility .All Drive Units are for FULL WAVE Operation and hence the energy consumption of Elscint Vibratory Drive Units is 40% less than its competitors who offer HALF WAVE Operation.

REO-USA, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

REO Elektronik AG is the world's leading supplier of control equipment and magnets for vibratory feeding technology. More than 20 years of experience, continuous innovations in this field, and top-quality products have established REO as a reliable partner. REO control units- known under the REOVIB brand name- have been purchased by leading conveyor manufacturers for many years. All our control units are featured by simple operation and individual adaptation to the needs of our customers.

Magnatronix - Electromagnetic Materials Manufacturers in Chennai, India (Chennai, India)


Vibrating Feeders offer most efficient and economical technique of conveying bulk materials and, what are more important the simplest and best means of controlling the speed of flow or feed. Vibrating Feeders are extensively utilized in Iron and Steel works, Collieries Quarries, Mines, Chemicals, Ceramics, Rubber, Clay and Glass Industries for handling all kind of materials.

KMS ENGINEERING Ltd. (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)


Feeders are devices used to feed and orientate parts, most commonly for the use in automatic machine solutions. Our company specializes in several types of feeders, including: Vibratory bowl feeders, linear (inline) vibratory feeders, centrifugal feeders, screwdriving technology and feeders as well as feeding devices with machine vision for parts inspection and orientation.

Automation Associates Inc (Arlington Heights, IL)


Various bowl linings as urethane, brush material, etc., can be furnished to reduce noise and eliminate marking of parts. We offer complete bowl tooling for your specific parts and feed rate requirements. Also available: Tracks, Escapements, Parts Placement Devices, In-Line Feeders, Storage Hoppers, Elevating Hoppers and Complete Assembly Systems.

USVibra, LLC (Tucson, AZ)


USVibra Feeders are renowned for quality and performance. Custom designed and manufactured to OEM machine requirements, including Multi and Single Lane, Linear, Belt, Stick, and Tube Feeders. This area is designed to assist you in selecting the proper feeder for your particular application; by part number or machine type.

Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taoyuan County, Taiwan)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

With Japanese technology, Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd. is major in design, manufacturer and sale the Press Feeder, NC Feeder and Levellers Feeder in Taiwan. For producing high standard Feeder, Toptran continuously introduce new technology to make a lot of different Press Feeder, NC Feeder and Levellers Feeder.

A1 Automation Inc. (Corona, CA)


We are manufacturers of pneumatic and electric vibratory feeders and bowls 6-36" standard sizes. Continuous, automatic, small parts handling including fasteners, electronic and plastic parts, medical, etc. We can do the Engineering design and integration for special applications for unique or difficult field installations.

POSI -- Programmable Orienting Systems, inc. (Port Allegany, PA)


POSI feeders are designed to feed families of parts with quick part-to-part changeover. We manufacture programmable and dedicated vibratory and rotary feeders and complete feed systems. Our programmable feeders range from adjustable mechanical units to units based on our high speed vision system.

Prodaid Engineers Pvt Ltd (Bengaluru, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Prodaid has been manufacturing feeders, including part feeders and linear feeders since 1978. It has handled all types of parts. Its wide experience in this field helps it to provide the right solution for any feeding need or requirement faced by customers.

Automation Devices, Inc. (Fairview, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Automation Devices provides turnkey vibratory parts feeder equipment. Standard components are manufactured in-house and maintained as inventory and then customized to individual needs. The ability to rely on inventory enables faster turnaround times than our competition and produces extremely consistent quality.

Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd (xi an /shaaxi, NC)


Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing and exporting weaving machine parts,Sulzer TW11, PUD1, PUD2, P7100 looms. Somet 92, Somet 93, Thema11, Thema 11E, C401, P401, P1001, TP500, TP600, Picnaol GTM, GTM-AS, GAMMA Picanol PAT, Picanol Omni/Delta, Picanol Omni-plus , Tsudakoma ZA200, ZA203,

ERIEZ (Erie, PA)


Light and medium-duty feeders accurately feed and control material flows at rates ranging from pounds to many tons per hour. Base-mounted units with a wide selection of trays. Totally enclosed magnetic drives. Low power consumption. AC operation.

Hendricks Engineering, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)


Products include: vibratory feeder bowls, centrifugal feeders, rotary feeding systems, step feeders, pre-feeders, miniature part feeders, multi-line feed systems, gravity or horizontal inline tracks, conveyors & storage hoppers, elevators, machine bases & tables, escapements, sound enclosures, place

Schenck AccuRate (Whitewater, WI)


Gravimetric & volumetric screw feeders, vibratory feeders, weighfeeders, sanitary feeders and pharmaceutical feeders. Continuous & batching gravimetric metering systems. Feed rates for entire feeder product range are from .002 to over 3,000 cubic feet per hour.

Dial-X Automated Equipment Inc (Albion, IN)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

FOR OPTIMUM EFFICIENCY, Dial-X Feeder Bowls are DESIGNED & FABRICATED SIMULTANEOUSLY. Each Feeder Bowl is CUSTOM BUILT to meet EXACT CUSTOMER SPECIFICATIONS regarding Part Configuration, Feed Rate and Orientation.

SPIROL Shims (Stow, OH)


Our objective is to build reliable and cost effective equipment that provides the right degree of automation based on the volume and complexity of the assembly process involved.

Mitchell Mill Systems Canada, Ltd. (Newton, ON)


Mitchell Mill Systems is a manufacturer and exporter of material handling equipment, including screw, belt, and drag conveyors and conveyor systems, elevators, rotary and screw feeders, etc.

Cleveland Vibrator Company (Cleveland, OH)


The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a wide range of light, medium, and heavy duty vibratory feeders for controlling the flow of bulk materials.

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