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Logo for Motion Index Drives Inc Motion Index Drives Inc (Troy, MI)


Motion Index Drives offers a wide range of fixed and flexible indexers for all your automation needs. From some of the industry's best rotary tables and globoidals to custom-built weldments and tooling frames, Motion products have been utilized to manufacture an array of items.

Product(s) by Motion Index Drives Inc
Logo for Empire Abrasive Equipment Co Empire Abrasive Equipment Co (Langhorne, PA)


All of our indexers are manufactured from 1/4-inch thick steel and lined with 1/4-inch thick neoprene to provide rugged, quiet operation.

Product(s) by Empire Abrasive Equipment Co
Dial-X Automated Equipment Inc (Albion, IN)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Automate Your Machining & Assembly Operations with Dial-X Index Tables/Indexers. Indexing Tables/Indexers INCREASE CONTROL OVER PRODUCT QUALITY & SAVE TIME, LABOR & MATERIALS. Dial-X craftsmen work with your engineers to help SOLVE PRODUCTION PROBLEMS & will automate drilling, tapping, riveting, assembly, etc. to YOUR CUSTOM REQUIREMENTS.

Cyclo-Index (Carthage, MO)


Cyclo-Index delivers a cost-effective, reliable, high-quality index drive, whether it is one of our standard units or a special design made to your application requirements.

Dynisco Polymer Test (Morgantown, PA)

Research & development of plastic test instruments: melt indexers, tensile, friction, peel & seal testers, blocking, impact & contact angles, polariscopes & capillary rheometer

Multi-Conveyor LLC (Winneconne, WI)

Conveyors, accumulators, diverters, gripper elevators & lowerators; indexers

A.G.Davis - AA Gage Company (Sterling Heights, MI)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

CDS Corporation (Sparta, NJ)


Centricity Corporation (Girard, OH)


Hause Machines (Montpelier, OH)


Rotary Precision Instruments UK Ltd (Bath, United Kingdom)


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