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 Indexing Turntables

Because of their versatility, our Indexing Turntable machines handle a wide range of high-production jobs at a very attractive cost. We can tailor these machines to meet your needs with a minimum of custom engineering. With all of our automated systems, Empire supplies a custom piece of equipment tailored to your specific application.
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 All of our indexers are manufactured from 1/4-inch thick steel and lined with 1/4-inch thick neoprene to provide rugged, quiet operation. These machines also utilize a schedule 80 rigid urethane cabinet cone tube for longer life than a steel media recovery tube. The individual satellites are belt-driven with all moving components protected from the blast environment.
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 Each machine includes an entrance vestibule and a dedicated blow-off station. These features allow for a buffer zone between the operator and the blast environment, as well as ensuring a clean part upon exit.
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 Some available options include: fixed or oscillating guns/nozzles, custom fixtures, infrared safety light curtain, automatic media replenishing, fault sensing for shot peening applications, rigid urethane return ducting, precision indexing for interfacing with a robotic pick-and-place unit, and more.
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 A number of variables contribute to determining the appropriate machine including: part size, weight, production rate, and application. We offer three standard indexing turntable sizes which can be made as pressure or suction units. Indexing turntable applications include medical implants, airfoils, pistons, golf club heads, piston rings, rotors, paintball guns, rifle barrels and many more.
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 Number of Stations
TT-20: 6
TT-36: 6
TT-48: 6

Capacity per station (lbs.)
TT-20: 20
TT-36: 20
TT-48: 20

Turntable diameter (inches)
TT-20: 20
TT-36: 30
TT-48: 48

Maximum part size (diameter x height, inches)
TT-20: 6 x 14
TT-36: 12 x 20
TT-48: 20 x 20
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