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Logo for KROHNE, Inc KROHNE, Inc (Peabody, MA)


OPTISOUND 3010 C, 3020 C and 3030 C ultrasonic sensors are especially suitable for level measurement of liquids, but are also good for solids. OPTISOUND 3030 C, 3040 C and 3050 C ultrasonic sensors are especially suitable for level measurement of solids, but a real so good for liquids. The BM 500 level gauge operates on the potentiometric measuring principle and is designed for use in all electrically conductive products with a minimum conductivity of 1 µS/cm (e.g. distilled water).

Product(s) by KROHNE, Inc


The Tracer 1000™ provides continuous radar level measurement and point level detection in liquids, with analog and switching output. Tracer 1000 is ideal for various types of processing and storage applications and has an exceptional performance in liquids with low reflectivity such as oils and hydrocarbons.

SSI Technologies Inc. - Controls Division (Janesville, WI)


Our Digital Fluid-Trac Ultrasonic Liquid Level Gauge is a cost competitive, NON-CONTACT drum gauge. It is designed for use on vertical drums (less than 32 inch depths) with 2" or 3/4" NPT openings. Chemically compatible with water, waste water, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel. It is NOT intended for use with gasoline.

Pressure Products (Charleston, WV)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

PresSure Products Company's complete line of liquid level gauges is designed to meet your exact temperature or pressure requirements. Our level gauges offer an unmatched measure of safety in the handling of flammable, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous materials, and a rugged assembly that resists wear and deterioration.

Quality Gauge & Valve (Mississauga, ON)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

All liquid level gauges and valves are manufactured to ASME codes and standards, and our facility is registered to ISO 9001:2008. In addition to these Quality has CRN numbers with: All the Canadian Provinces All the Canadian Territories

PSM Instrumentation Ltd (Haywards Heath, United Kingdom)

Manufacturer, Distributor

PSM are Manufacturers of an extensive range of liquid level and ultrasonic level transmitters, density, pressure, DP and flow, monitoring, measurement and control equipment for all industries.

Computer Instruments Corporation (Westbury, NY)


Computer Instruments Corporation is a major designer and manufacturer of quality Avionics Instrumentation and Industrial Sensors, Controls and Measurement Systems since 1950.

Oil-Rite Corp (Manitowoc, WI)


Industrial lubrication equipment & hydraulic accessories: liquid level switches, gauges; oilers, dispensers, window sights; sight feed valves, lubrication spray systems, lubrication systems.

AMETEK Drexelbrook (Horsham, PA)


With nearly forty years of experience in level measurement, Drexelbrook is uniquely qualified to help with your application.

Carrier-Oehler Co. (South Holland, IL)


Business-to-business distributor of pressure, temperature, level, and flow instrumentation.

Essex Brass Corp (Warren, MI)


Lubricating devices, water gauges, air cocks & brass fittings

Krueger Sentry Gauge (Green Bay, WI)

Manufacturer, Service Company

Our durable/affordable Liquid Level Gauge is ideal for measuring liquid level in nearly any type of container. A variety of material options allows for maximum compatibility. As long as the gauge is top mounted it works in ASTs, generator tanks, chemical tanks, and 55-30-15 gallon Barrels. Can monitor nearly any tank from 6 inches to 12 feet deep.

Penberthy Inc (Prophetstown, IL)

Valves, jets, industrial products, pumps, liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators

KENCO Engineering (Tulsa, OK)


Manufacturers of Armored Liquid Level Gauges, Tubular Valves, Drum Gauges, Magnetic Level Gauges with 4-20mA magnetostrictive transmitters, Pump Setting Gauges, Calibration Pots, Calibration Cylinders, Sight Flow Indicators, Sight Windows.

BlueLevel Technologies, Inc. (Sterling, IL)


Nixon Flowmeters Ltd (Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)


Proflow Instrumentation Systems, Inc. (Toronto, ON)

Distributor, Service Company

Liquid level gauges are used to see the level, color, or clarity of the liquid in a vessel or tank. A lens is mounted on the front and back of the liquid chamber to permit light to pass through the gauge. The gauges are used as a single unit or stacked up in multiple sections to view a desired height of liquid in a vessel or tank. Standard units are furnished with 1/2" or 3/4" NPT female-end connections. They are also available in a weld pad version, furnished with a flat bottom. Upon request, the unit can be machined with a cylindrical radius to match the contour of the vessel.

KOBOLD Instruments Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)


For over twenty-five years, KOBOLD has been a leader in providing process measurement and control solutions. Companies use KOBOLD to measure and control flow, pressure, level and temperature. KOBOLD provides one of the broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters in the industry.

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