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Techno-Sommer Automatic (New Hyde Park, NY)


2G Engineering (Sun Prairie, WI)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

2G Engineering offers three standard families of subsea electric rotary actuators, each precision-engineered to be reliable and perform under harsh conditions. All rotary actuators from 2G Engineering are fully integrated. This means to operate them one only needs to provide power and a command signal. Power is supplied via a single electrical connector, and the units don't need external oil filled hoses, compensators, motor drivers, servo controllers, or sensors. The rotary actuators can be controlled via a simple, open / close signal, a proportional analog input signal, or a full serial datastream. The units can output their status and position via analog outputs and serial data. Actuator movement commands can be as simple as sending an "On" command followed by a "Move to setpoint" command.

Parker Hannifin - Cylinder Division (Des Plaines, IL)


Parker Helac helical hydraulic rotary actuators are unique in the industry because they combine high torque output with inherent radial, moment and axial load-bearing capacities. In addition to functioning as a "hydraulic-hinge" this unique dual helical spline design provides extreme shock resistance in demanding operating conditions. Parker Helac L10, L20, L30 and T Series provide high performance, extremely high thrust capacity, and high shock resistance with 180°, 200°- 220° or 360° rotation. View the hydraulic actuators below to learn more about benefits and operating technology.

Sigma-Netics, Inc. (Riverdale, NJ)


Sigma-Netics is a leading supplier of rotary actuators used in Air Management Systems (AMS) aboard a wide variety of aircraft. We are the principal supplier to the largest AMS manufacturer in the world. Our rotary actuators have been utilized for the past twenty years in the majority of business and regional aircraft produced during that time frame.

Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp. (Torrance, CA)


Oriental Motor's hollow rotary actuators combine the precision of the AlphaStep closed loop stepping motor and driver with a large-diameter, hollow output table and gearhead. A hollow hole (through hole) of sufficiently large diameter helps reduce the complexity of wiring and piping, thus further simplifying your equipment design.

BEI Kimco Magnetics (Vista, CA)


We have remained a leading manufacturer of brushless DC motors and linear and rotary actuators for over 20 years. In that time, we have put millions of BEI motors and actuators into products in markets ranging from medical and automotive to office and factory automation.

AUMA Actuators, Inc. (Canonsburg, PA)


AUMA manufactures electric actuators for a wide range of applications. AUMA actuators are capable of operating virtually any type of valve, damper or other controlled device. Generally, electric actuators are broken down into three basic types of actuation applications - multiturn, quarterturn and linear

Bishop Wisecarver (Pittsburg, CA)


Bishop-Wisecarver's rotary actuator systems utilizes oval and rectangular track systems actuated by a high tensile strength belt drive. Rotary actuator motion can be continuous or intermittent to suit application requirements. For larger, demanding applications, a heavy duty version is also available.

(Sino-Italian) Ningbo Easun Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Cixi, Ningbo City, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

our service pneumatic parts such as air source processor, air driven electromagnetic valve, cylinder, quick connector, timing valve, muffler, air gun, Pu pipe, accessories and all kinds of electromagnetic winding.

Numatics Inc (Highland, MI)


ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of a full line of rotary actuators. Rotary Actuators are manufactured from a variety of materials for a number of applications.

AGI - American Grippers Inc. (Trumbull, CT)


Pneumatic low profile compact rotary actuators are ideal for payloads from 1 lbs (.44Kg) to 30 lbs (13.6Kg). The standard rotations available are 45, 90, or 180 degrees. Patented Output flange stop with built in adjustable hard stops prevent pinion breakage. The AGR units have zero backlash due to the cross port rack and pinion drive.

Tsc Instuments Pvt., Ltd. (Mumbai, India)


TSC Instruments' GR series: Rotary, Reversible, Quarter Turn, Spring Return; Torque: 5 to 15 NM; Supply: std: 230v, Single phase; Mode of Control: 2 position / Modulating; Features: Shaftless / Light Weight. For our other series, please visit

Concise Motion Systems, Inc (Albuquerque, NM)


Woodward MCP (Skokie, IL)


Controlled Fluids, Inc (Beaumont, TX)


Festo Corporation (Hauppauge, NY)


Festo is a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls such as linear, pneumatic, and rotary actuators, for industrial automation.

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