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A rubber bellows is an expansion joint commonly used with pipes made from the elastomer rubber. These rubber bellows consist of a series of convolutions, designed to accept a variety of deflections, including lateral, angular, and axial movements. To suit pipes, these bellows are designed to withstand internal pressures. Rubber bellows are commonly used with pipes that maybe subjected to vibration and motion. Besides pipes, these bellows are also used in applications that require anti-vibration and noise reduction.

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Logo for Global Hose & Industrial Sales Co (SDVOSB) Global Hose & Industrial Sales Co (SDVOSB) (Nashville, TN)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

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Logo for CTG CTG (Houston, TX)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Rubber bellows are installed on devices with ranges of motion to provide protection from dust and particles. Rubber bellows reduce the frequency of maintenance and increase the life by protecting equipment from contamination. Contact CTG, inc. to create an engineered bellow for your application. Send your design prints and specifications to the bellow experts.

Product(s) by CTG
Logo for Elastomeric Specialties, Inc. Elastomeric Specialties, Inc. (Montclair, CA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

MOLDED RUBBER PARTS AND ASSEMBLIES can be used for missile covers, CRT frames and card guides, and hand-held computers, to name a few. These precision parts can be used in Electrostatic Discharge Assemblies and in applications which require sealed or open-ended sealing, air and liquid control, or durable high-heat high-wear thermal isolation.

Logo for Nabell USA Corporation Nabell USA Corporation (Albemarle, NC)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

The Nabell USA Corporation is a manufacturer of bellows and protective covers for a variety of applications.

J.J. Short Associates, Inc. (Macedon, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

J.J. Short manufactures custom rubber bellows & convoluted dust boots used in a wide range of applications to seal dust and other environmental elements in applications with a stroke or designed range of motion. Rubber bellows and convoluted dust boots can be custom designed for the application & are available in a range of rubber materials.

Elder Rubber Company (Dallas, TX)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Elder Rubber Company manufactures and supplies custom rubber and plastic products. We supply and warehouse large supplies of elastomers, plastics, and extrusions. Services include die cutting, compression and injection molding for both rubber and plastics. Also, Elder Rubber can supply rubber bonded to metal applications.

cs rubber products co.,ltd (hangzhou, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

we are professional Rubber Bellows manufacturers and factory.We can produce rubber bellows, rubber boots according to your requirements.Any need please feel free to contact with us.

JIERUN Rubber Co.Ltd,. (guangzhou, China)


widly used in pipelines industries . not only providing flexibility but by also facilitating movement in the pipes without damaging or cracking the system.

Ruplas Technology Co.,Limited (Shenzhen, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

rubber parts

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies (Raleigh, NC)


Mech Spares Ltd. (Mumbai, India)


Moriteq USA (Arlington Heights, IL)


Rubber Development, Inc. (Waverly, IA)


S.S.I.Rubber (Faridabad, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

A & A Manufacturing Co Inc (New Berlin, WI)


Ace Seal (Santa Clara, CA)


Timco Rubber Products Inc (Cleveland, OH)


Timco Rubber can supply injection molded rubber parts, as well as conventional compression and transfer molded parts. We also supply quality extruded rubber, lathe cut rubber and die cut rubber parts.

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