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Logo for Global Hose & Industrial Sales Co (SDVOSB) Global Hose & Industrial Sales Co (SDVOSB) (Nashville, TN)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Custom manufactured rollers in a wide variety of quality materials, coverings and durometers in specialty contours, configurations, thicknesses, custom grooving & textured finishes. Aluminum Rollers, Bearing Rollers, Coating Rollers, Conveyor Rollers, Drive & Drum Rollers, FDA Rollers, Feed & Guide Rollers, Idler Rollers, Industrial Rollers, Printing & Ink Rollers, Material Handling Rollers, Pinch Rollers, Polyurethane & Urethane Rollers, Roller Recovering, Roller Sleeves & Slides, Rubber Covered Rollers, Rubber & Silicone Rollers, Stainless Steel & Steel Rollers, Tension Rollers & more....

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Product(s) by Global Hose & Industrial Sales Co (SDVOSB)
Alrol of America, Inc. (Dalton, GA)


ALROL has the skills to assist you with finding the solution that is best tailored to fit your business's needs in any area of rubber rollers. ALROL is located in Dalton, GA and is an American company under Swiss management.

I.B. Moore Company, Inc. (Lexington, KY)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Custom manufactured, precision toleranced rubber-covered roller assemblies have been a mainstay at I. B.

J.J. Short Associates, Inc. (Macedon, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Manufacturer of both new rubber rollers & recovered rubber rollers for various types of applications--printing, mechanical and other specialty applications. Precision rubber covered rollers, hubs, wheels cores are manufactured to your exact specifications. We can supply complete assemblies, including metal cores or recover cores you provide.

Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd (Ahmedabad, India)


Rollers are basic and primary accessory for web process control. Even surface, appropriate material of coating according to the application, uniform hardness over the surface, along with precision workmanship play vital rollin performance of the roller. Selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material. ‘ANAR RUB TECH’ manufactures wide range of rollers for varied applications.

REDCO (Carson City, NV)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

From small to 120" in length and 16" in diameter. We are equipped to produce your rubber rollers and roller assemblies. We can build new rollers, remanufacture old rollers or reverse engineer existing rollers. We can mold, machine wrap and cross head extrude the rubber. We precision grind. We have a complete machine shop for all the other details.

Arvind Rub Web Controls Ltd. (Ahmedabad, India)


Rollers, Web Processing Accessories manufacturers & exporters for Industries such as Converting, Plastic, Packaging, Polyester Film, Foil, Paper, Fiber & Yarn, Steel, Plywood, Textile, Cement, Leather, Food, Tyre etc. conforming to Global Standards. Some of the industrial rollers we provide are impression, conductive coating, printing & laminating.

Phoenix rubber rollers (jalandhar India, India)


Phoenix rubber rollers is manufacturing europian standard rubber rollers for offset and web printing since 1952 in India. We supply the finest Quality rubber rollers at unexpected low rates across globe just ask for a quote or visit at our site for details

Robinson Rubber Products Co., Inc (Minneapolis, MN)


Robinson Rubber Products specializes in providing the right product and the specialized component to meet your precise needs. Whatever product performance you seek, we have the capabilities to give you exactly what you're looking for – with the quality that will exceed your expectations.

TRAD ROLLERS (Beirut, Lebanon)


Industrial Rollers

Bailey-Parks Urethane, Inc. (Memphis, TN)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Bailey-Parks specializes in all of the following rollers: coating rollers, drive rollers, idler rollers, polyurethane rollers, urethane rollers, and many others...

Contact Rubber Corp. (Bristol, WI)


F.N. Sheppard & Co. (Erlanger, KY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Rubbermill, Inc. (Liberty, NC)

Contract Manufacturer

Hadronics Inc (Cincinnati, OH)

Contract Manufacturer

RollFlex Argentina (Cordoba, Argentina)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Lith-O-Roll (El Monte, CA)


In addition to our current formulas of NITRILE, SILICONE, NEOPRENE, EPDM, NATURAL, URETHANE, and Blends, we can also custom formulate any number of possible derivatives of these compounds to compliment the intended task, of your roller design.

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