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Company: The D.R. Templeman Co.
Address:work1 Northwest Dr.
 workP. O. Box H
 workPlainville, CT 06062-0957  United States
Phone:Phoneworkpref800-203-4290 (Toll-Free)
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
Contacts: Richard Williams - President
 Theresa Butler - Sales and Customer Service Rep.
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About The D.R. Templeman Co.:
 Company LogoBrief History

The D.R. Templeman Company was established in 1938 by Mr. David R. Templeman to meet the growing needs of electrical component manufacturers for top quality, precision springs. From its modest beginnings as a one man, one product shop, the company has undergone continuous controlled growth and diversification. Today the company is owned and operated by the Williams Brothers -Arthur, Richard and David, combining over 90 years of engineering and spring making experience to serve manufacturers of a full range of products; from toys to state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Templeman Co. manufactures the following types of springs:

• Compression Springs

-Cylindrical, concave, convex, conical, variable pitch, and preset
-Wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.080" [2.0mm] diameter
• Extension Springs

-Machine, side and crossover loops; extended hooks, special end designs
-Wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.080" [2.0mm] diameter
• Torsion/ Double Torsion Springs

-Close and open wound, variable diameter; offset ends and special end hooks, eyes and forms
-Wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.080" [2.0mm] diameter
• Spring Guides

-Round wire and flat wire
-Round wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.025" [0.64mm] diameter

-Flat wire sizes from 0.006"x0.009" to 0.018"x0.030" [0.15mm x 0.23mm to 0.46mm x 0.76mm]

-Lengths up to 50 feet [15 meters]
• Rings

-Wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.080" [2.0mm] diameter
• Wire Forms

-Wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.080" [2.0mm] diameter
• Miniature Springs

-All Types
-Wire sizes down to 0.004" [0.1mm]

-Coil Diameters down to 0.016" [0.4mm]
• Components for Medical Devices

-Springs, Rings and Wire Forms
• Contract Assembly

-Experts at handling small mechanical components