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 Torsion and Double Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are coil springs designed to apply or resist a twisting (torsional) force around a center point. The body coils are usually close wound with minimal tension between the coils, but they can be made open wound to reduce friction or to make a spring that functions as both a torsion spring and a compression spring. Torsion springs typically have two legs that can be formed into almost any configuration so that they can be connected to other components. The simplest torsion springs have two straight tangential legs that simply push against the mating components. Torsion springs can be either Left Hand or Right Hand wound and should be designed so that an applied force will wind up the spring, not unwind it. Torsion springs function best when they are supported by a hub, shaft or tube going through the body coils. However, the designer must keep in mind that the diameter of the coils gets smaller and the length of the body increases as the spring is wound up.

Double Torsion Springs are a special class of torsion springs with two sets of coils wound in opposite directions around the same center axis. The two sets of coils are connected by a center "tongue" and can work either in parallel or independently. The designer designs this type of spring by considering each half of the spring separately and then calculating the total torque as the sum of the torques from the two halves. Double torsion springs are usually designed so that they are symmetric, but this is not a requirement.

Common devices that make use of torsion springs are hinges, mouse traps, clothes pins, window shades, firearms and door knobs.

At Templeman, we can produce all types of torsion and double torsion springs to your exact specifications. We are well equipped to work within the following size ranges:

- Wire Diameter 0.004" [0.1 mm] to 0.080" [2.0 mm]
- Coil Outside Diameter 0.030" [0.75 mm] to 1.75" [45 mm]
- Free Length Up to 16" [40 cm]
- Leg Length Up to 6" [15 cm]
- Spring Index 4 to 24 (Mean Coil Diameter divided by Wire Diameter)
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