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Company: Randolph Austin Company
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 work2119 F.M. 1626
 workManchaca, TX 78652  United States
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Contacts: Gregg La Montagne - sales
 Steve Coleman - sales
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Randolph Austin is located just south of Austin, Texas and is a manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, tubing, and water soluable packaging materials. The Randolph Pump is used in a range of applications such as:

· Ink transfer for offset, rotogravure and flexographic presses
· Food and beverage.
· Pharmaceutical applications.

· Pumping slurries and chemical transfer.

· Laboratory applications.

The Randolph Pump is a rugged and reliable desing which is available in a variety of materials and sizes.

· 250 Series pump with a flow rate of up to 450 ml per minute.
· 300 Series, or Econ II pump. A molded polycarbonate pump housing with flows of up to 1225 ml per min.
· 400 Series pump. Molded Polycarbonate Housing with flow rates of up to 3.6 Liters per minute.
· 500 Series pump. Machined Aluminum housing with stainless steel impeller and roller sleeves, flow rate of up to 3.6 Liters per minute.
· 600 Series pump with four different configurations to choose with a flow capacity of up to 12.5 liters per minute
· The 610 series, a machined aluminum housing.
· The 615 series with a 316 SS machined housing
· The 620 series with a hinged side plate and tube clamp for easy access.
· The 630 series pump, flange mounted onto a right angle reducer with a hinged side plate and tube clamp. Very compact foot print.
· The 750 series, a machined aluminum peristaltic pump with flow rates of up to 36 liters per minute.
· The 880 series, made form a machined aluminum housing with a flow capacity of up to 79 liters per minute

Randolph Austin features five different types of elastomeric tubing for peristaltic pumping applications as well as liquid transfer. These materials include:

* Prothane IITM, a translucent blue thermoplastic urethane with excellent abrasion and flex resistance
* CilranTM, an opaque with copolymer with excellent resistance to acids and bases.
* ED-PlexTM, a black general purpose thermoplastic elastomer with excellent flex and chemical resistance properties
* PovinalTM, a translucent green, PVA based polymer, with excellent resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
* VytexTM, a transparent flexible PVC , with excellent flex properties which is suitable for food and beverage applications.

We are committed to the highest quality standards in production, sales and service: we want you to be ecstatic about our products.