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Di-SolT is a blended water soluble material that is formulated for specific applications and manufacturing processes. The polymer is then either molded or extruded to give the customer a product for the required application.

Most of these products have been specifically manufactured to serve as an enclosure for carrying chemical substrates in the form of powders, paste and some fluids.

Areas of usage include oil and gas production, water treatment of lakes and ponds, disposal systems and algaecide control in commercial air conditioning.
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Di-Tube is an ideal packaging system for delivering surfactants, foaming agents, bacterial additives, colorants and other agents for quick dispersion into water. Made of water-soluble materials the Di-Tube is designed to carry the enclosed contents into the water source where it will dissolve and release them. Di-Tube will dissolve in concentrated brine solutions, and is an efficient and effective delivery method for quick dispersion of contents.

Di-Tubes have been in use by the oil and gas industry for over a decade with excellent results. End users have employed Di-Tubes for delivering powders, liquids and gels.
Di-CapsT fit onto the end of the tube and are designed to prevent angle jam-ups in the well casing. The Di-Cap can be heat sealed onto the end of the tube in some applications. However, some end users may place their own caps onto the Di-Tube.

All Di-Tubes are precision run and cut to the customer's desired length. All Di-Tubes and Di-Caps are packaged in moisture resistant containers.
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