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 Multislide and Fourslide Stampings
Multi-Slide Technology
Multi-Slide tooling is often selected where extensive bending operations are required and less expensive tooling is desired to produce complex parts. The raw material is fed into the machine and may first go through a progressive die, where punching, coining, piercing, or other operations may be performed. Then the material strip comes out of the die and the part can be bent or formed by a series of cams and will be cut off from the strip immediately after the forming takes place. Unlike a conventional power press, the multi-slide and four-slide machines stamping motion is horizontal rather than vertical and the part can drop down off the post that it is formed around. Forming can be done at different levels as well.
Volkert Precision's Multi-Slide and Four-Slide Department specializes in close tolerance, small, thin metal parts and where possible utilize tooling designed to run without or with minimal scrap. With the high cost of metals, especially precious metals, this can result in considerable part cost savings.
  • Cost Effective Tooling
  • In House Design
  • In House Tooling Utilizing Wire EDM
  • Metal Strip Specialists
  • Full use of SPC to achieve Zero Defects
  • Electronic, Relay, Telcom, Automotive, Medical Industries Served
  • Bar Coding
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 Miniature Components
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