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 Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
High Speed and High Accuracy
High precision and accuracy are the two most desired features of machined parts and our facilities and EDM machines provide both.
Features of our machinery include:
  • High Rigidity Construction for stable long term accuracy
  • Wire Guides for easy maintenance and inspection of the dies
  • Head tapered cutting device sets new standards in performance
  • Ceramics as the main components guarantees accuracy
  • Automatic wire threader ensures finite miniature hole machining
  • Submerged machining methods keep super precision for complex configurations
  • Electrolysis Free for fine finishing

All this adds up to the finest machine parts precision guaranteed by a state of the art facility.
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 Multislide and Fourslide Stampings
Multi-Slide Technology
Multi-Slide tooling is often selected where extensive bending operations are required and less expensive tooling is desired to produce complex parts. The raw material is fed into the machine and may first go through a progressive die, where punching, coining, piercing, or other operations may be performed. Then the material strip comes out of the die and the part can be bent or formed by a series of cams and will be cut off from the strip immediately after the forming takes place. Unlike a conventional power press, the multi-slide and four-slide machines stamping motion is horizontal rather than vertical and the part can drop down off the post that it is formed around. Forming can be done at different levels as well.
Volkert Precision's Multi-Slide and Four-Slide Department specializes in close tolerance, small, thin metal parts and where possible utilize tooling designed to run without or with minimal scrap. With the high cost of metals, especially precious metals, this can result in considerable part cost savings.
  • Cost Effective Tooling
  • In House Design
  • In House Tooling Utilizing Wire EDM
  • Metal Strip Specialists
  • Full use of SPC to achieve Zero Defects
  • Electronic, Relay, Telcom, Automotive, Medical Industries Served
  • Bar Coding
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 Progressive Die Metal Stampings
Progressive Stamping Technology
Progressive dies allow a stamper to produce a finished part (in most cases) off one tool by incorporating many operations within the same tool. These operations can include notching, punching, coining, forming, tapping, bending and even assembly in some cases.
An automatic feeding system pushes or pulls a strip of material from a coil through all the stations of a progressive die. The part is carried from station to station attached to a carrier strip. At each station the part is accurately positioned so that a particular feature may be added. In the final station, the finished part is cut away from the carrier strip. The web of material left and any punchings from previous stations become the scrap.
Progressive dies are put into power presses that move vertically. As the press goes up the top of the die goes up, and the material advances from one station to the next. Each station is spaced exactly (within fractions of a thousandth of an inch) the same distance apart and the feed is set and pilots are used to advance the material the exact same distance with each progression. Then the press comes down, the die closes, and each station performs the stamping operation. With each stroke a finished part comes off the end of the die.
The cost is determined primarily by the size of the part, number of features (punchings, bends, forms, etc) required, the difficulty of features required, and the accuracy (tolerances) required on the finished part. Generally the closer the tolerances needed, the more expensive the tool is.
Wide Range of Sizes - 5 Ton to 110 Ton Presses Close Tolerance Stamping in all metal materials
  • Close Tolerance Parts
  • In House Design
  • In House Tooling, Utilizing Wire EDM
  • High Speed Presses
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Med. - Hi Volume Production Runs
  • SPC Data to Customer Requirements
  • Fixed Price Annual Contracts
  • Bar Coding
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 Deep Drawn Stampings
Deep Drawn Technology
Transfer Press (Eyelet Machine) tooling is primarily used to produce deep drawn parts. Unlike a progressive die, the parts are transferred from station to station by "fingers" instead of a carrier strip. This saves a considerable amount of raw material and part cost as there is no need for the carrier strip. Each station has its own tooling so control of every component within each station is greatly enhanced. This makes it easier to maintain tight tolerances and make tool adjustments since the individual stations can be worked on rather than removing a whole progressive die from a press.
Often, other features such as side pierced holes, notches, coined or knife edges can be incorporated into the tooling using special "sub dies" mounted into individual stations. This saves the high cost of doing secondary operations.
Med - Hi Volume Production Runs - Miniature to Large Parts to 5"
  • Close Tolerance Small Parts
  • In House Tooling Utilizing Wire EDM
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Fixed Price Contracts
  • Tooling Guaranteed for Life of Part
  • SPC, Zero Defects, JIT Deliveries
  • Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Nickel Iron, Kovar, Stainless, Steel, BeCu, Phos Bronze Metals
  • Bar Coding
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 Electrical Discharge Machining
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 Miniature Components
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 Wide variety of Electronic Stampings
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