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Autodrill Co.Millington, NJ
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 Image for Automatic Equipment to Drill Larger Holes
Automatic Equipment to Drill Larger Holes
5 Mar 2009
These tools introduced by Autodrill Co., come with a 1/2" shank, making them suitable for use in many common drilling machines. For occasional use these tools will work if sufficient thrust and torque is available. For high volume uses, like automatic drilling, these shortcomings show. These shortcomings, such as tooling wandering, oversized holes, and long cycle times can be improved. A simple improvement is to specify "split point" drills when purchased. The more common variety of S&D drills can be reground to a split point by use of a narrow grinding wheel and some experience.
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 Image for A "Green" Explosive Drilling Solution!
A "Green" Explosive Drilling Solution!
14 Nov 2008
After trying a number of methods that didn't work, the Army used two AutoDrill 2100 series machines to successfully demilitarize over 40,000 rounds of obsolescent tank shells from the Vietnam era. The drills were used to remove pyrotechnic tracer material from the base of the projectile. The resulting inert material comprised several hundred tons of aluminum and steel which were then recycled.
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 Image for Multiple Hole Patterns on a Standard Single Spindle Drill Press/Milling Machine
Multiple Hole Patterns on a Standard Single Spindle Drill Press/Milling Machine
17 May 2007
AutoDrill makes available a method to drill multiple hole patterns on a standard single spindle drill press or milling machine. Their affordable multiple spindle heads can increase production and are available for virtually all drilling equipment. Drill complex patterns in one-step, virtually eliminate setup and operation errors, extend tool life and stop for changes less often. Standard are ER collets and one-shot grease lubrication is designed into every head for low maintenance and trouble free operation.
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 Image for Multiple Drive System Adjustments Made Simple
Multiple Drive System Adjustments Made Simple
3 Mar 2006
AutoDrill offers a fast and low cost method to adjust single or multiple devices with twist-type controls. Affordable devices can make the tedious or critical application simple. An operation that was once a complex problem is now possible, but can even become much more efficient. Multiple drive systems are sometimes so complex that they are completely unmanageable. This no longer needs to be an issue with the use of these products.
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 Image for Multiple Spindle Head for Milling Machines
Multiple Spindle Head for Milling Machines
5 May 2005
AutoDrill knows that in most cases, Bridgeport and related vertical milling machines have sufficient horsepower to handle the extra load of drilling multiple holes simultaneously, and is constantly working to provide and release new adjustable multiple spindle heads with the correct adapters as needed. Custom multi-drill heads and adapters made for your pattern and drilling machine can be shipped in three to four weeks.
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 Image for "1000 Series" High RPM Drill
"1000 Series" High RPM Drill
21 Mar 2005
AutoDrill now offers a system that allows customers to drill holes at high RPM rates without air motors on their 1000 series units. By offering these units with adjustable high speed DC motors capable of up to 11,500 RPM, drilling small holes is now possible without the noise and wasted energy that air motors are famous for. The complete units are compact and make efficient use of space. Measuring approximately 4" wide, by 4" high and under 14" long, they are some of the most capable systems on the market today.
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 Image for Multiple Spindle Drill Heads
Multiple Spindle Drill Heads
20 Dec 2004
AutoDrill introduces a fast low cost method to drill multiple hole patterns. Our affordable, made to order, fixed or adjustable pattern Multiple Spindle Heads can increase drilling efficiency many times. These gear driven multispindle drill heads are constructed with efficient helical gearing for high spindle speed ratings and less noise. Full ball and needle bearing construction is used throughout for heavy production operation.
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