Multiple Spindle Head for Milling Machines

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  May 5, 2005 — Your Vertical Milling Machine Can Do More

How to Drive a Multiple Spindle Head

Bridgeport vertical milling machines and hundreds of copycat brands are popular workhorses in many manufacturing operations. In most cases, these machines have sufficient horsepower to handle the extra load of drilling multiple holes simultaneously. Multiple spindle drill heads are easily mated to these machines. Since most of the brands conform to a common standard, AutoDrill can provide adjustable multiple spindle heads with the correct adapters from stock.

In addition, information for common drilling machines such as drill presses, mill-drills, vertical mills, tapping machines have been accumulated by AutoDrill. With this database of information, they can provide a prompt quotation for both the multiple spindle drilling head and the adapter. Their delivery is also among the best in the industry. Custom multi-drill heads and adapters made for your pattern and drilling machine can be shipped in three to four weeks.

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