"1000 Series" High RPM Drill

Press Release:
  Mar 21, 2005 — Production Drilling Without Air Motors!

AutoDrill now offers a system that allows customers to drill holes at high RPM rates without air motors on their 1000 series units. By offering these units with adjustable high speed DC motors capable of up to 11,500 RPM, drilling small holes is now possible without the noise and wasted energy that air motors are famous for. Air motors tend to slow down when they are placed under load but because the high speed DC motors have an adjustable RPM rate, you can also adjust the units to run with much greater accuracy.

The complete units are compact and make efficient use of space. Measuring approximately four inches wide, by 4 inches high and under 14 inches long, they are some of the most capable systems on the market today.

The 1000 series AutoDrill is rated for use on woods, plastics, metals and various other materials and could be used in combinations for complex patterns or production drilling operations where multiple spindle drilling heads are not appropriate.

AutoDrill offers free application and design assistance. Free CAD drawings are available for all their equipment including pneumatic control systems.

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