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Pyramid Inc.Newton, IA
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Phone: 641-792-2405
Fax: 641-792-2478
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 Image for Urethane Belt Welding Kit
Urethane Belt Welding Kit
27 Feb 2009
Pyramid Inc.'s Handi-Weld belt welding kit allows you to produce your own belts using our industry proven round or flat Pyrathane® polyurethane extrusions. The Handi-Weld Kit is a great tool for prototyping or quick repairs, and welds round cord measuring from 1/16" to 3/4" in diameter. Also available is an optional adapter for welding flat extrusion from 1/32" to 3/16" in thickness, and up to 2" wide.
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 Image for Expanded Line of Pyrathane® Twisted Connectable "PC" Belts
Expanded Line of Pyrathane® Twisted Connectable "PC" Belts
6 Nov 2008
Pyramid Inc.'s Pyrathane® twisted connectable "PC" belts, previously only available to replace 3/16" (0.187") diameter endless belts are now available to replace endless belts in diameters ranging from 3/32" (0.093") up to 9/16" (0.562"). The PC belt was designed to eliminate the need for disassembly when replacing belts on line shaft conveyors and many other applications. While originally designed as a quick fix replacement, the PC belt has become a permanent replacement in many of our customers' applications. PC belts are typically manufactured in black 83A durometer, but are also available in many other colors and durometers.
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 Image for Endless Belt Measuring Tool
Endless Belt Measuring Tool
19 May 2008
Pyramid's Diametape provides a consistent, accurate measurement of the inside diameter (I.D.) or the inside circumference (I.C.) of an o-ring or endless belt without destroying the belt. The Diametape is an excellent tool to easily determine the size of a replacement belt. It is also a very quick, easy to use and accurate quality inspection tool.
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 Image for High Performance Pyrathane 88A Drive Belts
High Performance Pyrathane 88A Drive Belts
13 Oct 2006
Pyramid Inc is proud to announce the release of its PYRATHANE 88A drive belt. The belt is a polyester based polyurethane with a Shore hardness of approximately 88A. PYRATHANE 88A will provide approximately 30% more tension than our standard Pyrathane 83A, when applied with the same percent of stretch, thus providing a greater level of drive.
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