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Pyramid Inc.Newton, IA
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Phone: 641-792-2405
Fax: 641-792-2478
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 Pyramid Inc. manufactures "PC" Connectable Belts. This innovative product has many distinct advantages over other repair type belts. The belt comes with the connector already assembled into one end which eliminates fumbling for lost connectors. This "tight wedge" connector requires no crimping to achieve maximum belt life. Life tests indicate that the tight wedge connector causes the elastic belt to flex adjacent to the connector and eliminates the scrubbing-wearing action which takes place between a loose connector and the belt loops, causing premature failures.
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 The "PC Belt" has been designed to quickly and easily replace line shaft-to-roller or roller-to-roller belts on live roller conveyors, in your facility without adhesives or welding. Simply drop the roller, loop the "PC Belt" around the line shaft and hook the ends together with the preassembled heavy duty stainless steel connector, reposition the roller and you are back in business. We manufacture and stock the "PC Belt" in several standard sizes and will custom manufacture other sizes.
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