32-Port RJ45/SCSI-5 Patch Panel System Withstands Extreme Conditions

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  Mar 20, 2012 — The Model 9510 32-Port RJ45/SCSI-5 Patch Panel System is a 32-port patch panel with 32 RJ45 ports wired to four 68-pin SCSI-5 connectors kitted with four SCSI-5 cables, a strain relief bar, and fastener hardware. This panel is designed to facilitate management of cable connections between data networks and data processing equipment and is capable of withstanding extreme conditions. The Model 9510 is also field proven to support casino networks and other applications requiring a convenient means of accessing individual circuits for monitoring, interconnectivity, or testing.

The front side of the panel features 32 RJ45 jacks designed to receive patch cables brought in from RS485/RS422 data terminals and/or data networks. On the back side of the panel are four 68-pin SCSI-5 ports designed to accept cables from data processing equipment, featuring an internal circuit board to provide reliable connections. All ports are clearly labeled with circuit identification. The four rear panel SCSI-5 ports are labeled to match the four SCSI-5 cables included with the system.

The Model 9510 is kitted with four 10ft (3 meter) SCSI-5 M/M cables to provide subsequent connection to data processing equipment. These cables are also labeled at both ends. A strain relief bar, mounting hardware, and cable fastener ty-wraps are included to facilitate secure wire management.

The panel is a rugged, 2U high, 19-inch wide that mounts in a standard rack. The shipping weight of the 9510 system, including the panel, 4 cables, mounting bar and hardware, is 2.5 lbs. For further information about the Model 9510, visit: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=2267

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For more information: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=2267
 Additional link: http://www.electrostandards.com/Press-Releases/ViewArticle.asp?id=425 
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