Automatic Remote Control & Monitoring w/ M7259 2-Channel DB25 A/B Switch

Press Release:
  Aug 15, 2008 — Get Exclusive Automatic Remote Control and Monitoring with M7259 2-Channel DB25 A/B Switch!

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, has just announced its new Model 7259 Dual Channel, RS-530, AB Switch with DB25 Interface, Remote Control and Auto-Switching Functions. This Network Switch allows two independent channels of A/B switch function, connecting a workstation or device between two other devices or networks.

This unique data switch is exclusively controlled remotely via a custom DB25 RS530 interface, accepting contact closure signals. There are no local control buttons on the unit. The various status, monitoring and control signals present on the remote port allow the switch to be managed by a device that interprets these signals and then issues control commands to the switch.

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