Communicate w/ Up to 254 Units on Single BUS w/ the 4215-LVDT Smart Indicator

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  Jun 27, 2008 — Communicate With Up to 254 Units on Single Serial Communication BUS with the 4215-LVDT Smart Indicator!

Electro Standards Laboratories has just announced its Model 4215-LVDT Smart Indicator can communicate with up to 254 Model 4215-L units on a single Serial Communication BUS. The 4215-L is designed for the measurement and control of dual channel LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) measurement fixtures. It combines two LVDT channels, print capabilities and RS232/485 serial communication into a versatile platform.

In addition to its standard configuration, the Model 4215-LVDT is capable of mixed transducer interfacing, including LVDT, DC Strain Extensometer, and Quadrature encoder-based position measurement devices. This instrument, with automatic plug and play operation, is electrically compatible with Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) and can be programmed for full TEDS’ implementation.

The Model 4215-LVDT interfaces with ESL’s dataView software for intuitive graphing, exporting, and archiving. Features: A/D is 24-bit, the D/A is 16-bit, sample rate of 60/s, core accuracy is 0.005%. The Model 4215 LVDT is standard with 2-line, VFD display.

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