Electro Standards Laboratories Developing Wave Energy Harvesting Buoys

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  Jun 27, 2011 — Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island (URI), Department of Ocean Engineering (OCE), under the Center of Excellence in Undersea Technology (COEUT), has been awarded a $250K grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to continue the development and testing of direct-drive wave energy conversion buoys.

Electric generators integrated into the buoys are directly driven by the heave motion induced by ocean waves. The ESL-URI team has greatly extended both design concepts and theoretical analyses typically proposed for such systems, and performed detailed numerical modeling that features a wave-to-wire model of the power generation system in ocean sea-states. Initial sea tests of the energy harvesting buoys have demonstrated the feasibility of this approach.

This program will include additional prototype construction and experimental demonstration of power generation, both in a large wave tank and in coastal ocean tests. The buoys do not require sea-floor anchors and can be used to power marine-based sensing and monitoring systems. The buoy design is scalable for higher power applications.

Scientists at Electro Standards Laboratories in Cranston, Rhode Island and in the Ocean Engineering Department at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island have combined expertise in marine hydrodynamics, electrical generators, advanced controls and dynamics. ESL and URI have worked collaboratively to improve the design and performance of wave energy harvesting devices.

For more information regarding the engineering capabilities of Electro Standards, contact Electro Standards Laboratories at 401-943-1164 or via email at eslab@electrostandards.com.

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