Fiber Optic Cassette with Military Style Connectors Speeds Fiber Installation

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  Apr 17, 2009 — Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, has just announced its new Model 6008 high density, pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cassette. The Model 6008 breaks out (1) MTP® (8) strand fiber cable into (8) ST Military Style connectors. The MTP® connector is an (8) strand single mode angle polish connector. Each ST connector is a single strand singlemode Military Style connector. This system offers the advantages of saving duct space and installation time and the ruggedness of Military Style connectors. Up to three Model 6008 Cassettes mount into a Model 3294 Rackmount Fiber Patch Enclosure.

The Model 6008 cassette’s cabling side (rear) contains an MTP® interface for connecting the trunk or backbone cabling. An internal optical assembly within the cassette interconnects the rear and front ports. A speedy connection is established when patch cords from the equipment are plugged into the front-panel Military Style connectors.

For more information on Fiber Optic Cassette Interconnect Systems, contact Electro Standards Laboratories at 401-943-1164; email:, or visit our Web site,

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