Saelig Announces Smallest Handheld Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope With AWG

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  Jun 28, 2013 — Saelig Company, Inc. ( has introduced the Xprotolab Portable - a combination of three electronic instruments: a mixed signal oscilloscope (simultaneously sampling of 2 analog/8-bit/200kHz and 8 digital/1MHz signals), an arbitrary waveform generator and a protocol sniffer. As a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, it offers simultaneous 2MSa/s sampling of 2 analog and 8 digital signals; as an Arbitrary Waveform Generator it provides advanced sweep options on all waveforms; as a Protocol Sniffer, it can decode SPI, I2C, UART. The Xprotolab Portable has an Advanced Triggering System: Normal / Single / Auto / Free trigger modes, an adjustable trigger level, and the ability to view signals prior to the trigger. As a portable Digital Meter, Xprotolab Portable can show VDC, VPP and Input Frequency to 12MHz. Lissajous Figures, displaying V/I curves, or the phase difference between two waveforms is possible in XY Mode. A built-in FFT Spectrum Analyzer offers different windowing options and selectable vertical log and IQ visualization. Channel Math allows adding, multiplying, inverting, and averaging input signals. Automatic Waveform Measurements and waveform references are offered too, with Horizontal and Vertical Cursors. The waveform generator and the oscilloscope can run simultaneously, since the waveform generator runs in the background.

Based on an Atmel ATXMEGA32A4U microprocessor, the Xprotolab Portable can connect to a PC’s USB port for charging the built-in 600mAh battery or for external control or screen dumps. The built-in graphic 1.3” OLED shows waveforms on its 128x64 pixel display. The Xprotolab Portable weighs less than 60g and is a compact 3.13" x 1.83" 0.7"

An Auto Setup feature sets the optimum gain and time base for the signals on CH1 and CH2. Edge, Window, and Slope triggering is available, as well as Trigger Hold, which enables a wait-time before detecting the next trigger. The Xprotolab Portable continuously samples to a circular buffer, giving the ability to show samples before or after the trigger - one of the most powerful features of this digital sampling oscilloscope. Any analog channel, digital channel, or external signal can be used as the trigger source.

Special display modes include: Logarithmic Display (useful when analyzing small signal detail or for examining audio signals); Persistent Display, where waveform traces are not erased - useful when data logging or catching glitches. Traces can be exported to a larger PC screen.

The Xprotolab Portable AWG can output Sine, Square, Triangle and Exponential signals, as well as “Periodic Noise” that fills the AWG buffer with random data. A SWEEP feature is included which increases one or more parameter values automatically on each screen refresh of the oscilloscope.

Accessories include one USBmini-USB-PC cable, two 3.5mm-EZhook signal probes, and an 8-channel logic probe. An optional 3.5mm to BNC adapter allows the use of standard 10:1 scope probes for signal input, and an optional Tripod Adapter allows Xprotolab Portable to be mounted using a standard camera screwthread.

The Xprotolab Portable is available now from Saelig Company Inc. from $98.
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