Saelig Introduces ‘Warrior’ I/O, Joystick, Mouse USB Modules

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  Aug 21, 2013 — Saelig Company Inc. ( has introduced new Warrior Modules containing the complete electronics required for joystick, mouse or I/O functionality via USB. Based on the successful Warrior USB-interface ICs, these new boards accept analog inputs in the range of 0V to 5V, are compatible with most joystick sensors, and also facilitate measurement, sensor, and other I/O applications.

Warrior ICs from Code Mercenaries are a family of universal I/O controllers for USB that handle all USB’s complex protocol details without needing Windows drivers since Warrior ICs appear to the OS as HID Device Class (Human Interface Device). This means that Warrior ICs are controlled without screen-prompting for additional software - standard system drivers allow access to Warrior ICs directly from application programs. (A Linux driver is also available.)
JoyWarrior24A8L-MOD has four analog axes with 8-bit resolution, while JoyWarrior24A10L-MOD has three analog axes with 10 bit resolution. Both modules allow either eight direct connected buttons or sixteen buttons in a 4x4 matrix. Four auxiliary outputs can be used to drive LEDs or for other uses. These modules are based on the JoyWarrior24F8 IC, a low cost three axis acceleration sensor.

MouseWarrior24H8-MOD is a Mouse/Joystick hybrid which can be switched between mouse and joystick modes at any time. It supports three analog axes with 8 bits each and up to six buttons. Auto-centering and drift compensation for the mouse function can optionally be disabled. The MouseWarrior24F8 IC on which this module is based is a mouse replacement chip that does not need an operating surface.

IO-Warrior56-MOD offers fifty general purpose I/O pins, with a typical maximum input or output rate of 1000Hz in a Full-Speed USB2.0-compliant interface (12Mbit/sec). Based on the IO-Warrior56-LFXI IC, IO-Warrior56-MOD gives simple access to I/O lines via USB since, like other Warrior modules, it has been designed as a generic HID device.

All of the modules work with standard HID system drivers, so no special installation software is needed - just connect USB, the axis devices, and buttons and connection is immediate. Applications for Warrior Modules include products for the disability market and other specialty input and control panel devices. The JoyWarrior joystick controller family serves a broad range of customers from industrial machine/vision control, professional/semi-professional simulator control, to model building. Ideal choices for front panel designs are the joystick/mouse hybrid MouseWarrior controllers, which are switch-selectable to work as a mouse or joystick, allowing both cursor control and data input via a joystick. Applications for IOWarrior Modules include taking automated measurements in labs, creating control switches and displays in front panels or simulator cockpits, or as the USB interface in many other kinds of products.

Made in Europe by Code Mercenaries, Europe’s easy-use universal USB I/O specialists, Warrior Modules are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit
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