Saelig Introduces GaN-on-Silicon MAGIC White LEDs At Significant Cost Advantage

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  Jul 30, 2013 — Saelig Company, Inc. ( has announced MAGIC PLW111010 PLCC-2 SMT white light LEDs. These GaN-on-Silicon LEDs are the first commercially available solid state illuminators manufactured on 6” GaN-on-Silicon substrates. With production yields of greater than 95% and fast processing times, a significant cost advantage can be offered over Sapphire- and Silicon Carbide-based LED solutions for a wide range of industry-standard solid-state illumination and indicator applications.

Designed for ambient decorative lighting and automotive interior applications, MAGIC PLW111010 PLCC-2 SMT LEDs are high efficiency 465nm blue emitters with phosphor wavelength spreading to provide near-Lambertian distribution with brightness from 360mcd to 1080 mcd. The 2000-piece reels of LEDs are binned for a single intensity and color to provide close uniformity in manufacturing assembly lines. The LED’s forward voltage drop is 3.8V at max current of 25mA.

Using standard semiconductor manufacturing processing provides significant cost advantages over ordinary, more expensive LEDs of similar quality which are based on Sapphire or Silicon Carbide technology. MAGIC LEDs are built using a thin 2.5um Gallium Nitride (GaN) layer on a 6-inch silicon substrate, delivering industry-standard performance at a dramatically reduced manufacturing cost.

This SMT package is ideal for backlighting instrument cluster panels and symbols; other applications include decorative lighting, LCD backlights, illumination symbols, navigation and audio system backlighting, large screen displays, etc.

Made by Plessey Electronics, a leading European innovator in the development of integrated circuits and sensors, engineering samples of MAGIC PLW111010 PLCC-2 SMT LEDs are available now, with quantity production in Q4 2013. Pricing in 10k+ quantities will be under $0.10. For sample availability in North America please contact Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY, Plessey’s USA technical distributor. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit
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