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Clevis pins belong to the category of fasteners and allows axial rotation of the connected parts around the pin. The pin is comprised of a shank, head and hole. The shank is situated at the extreme opposite from the pin head, with the hole passing through it. A cotter pin is injected into the hole to preserve the position of the pin after assembly of the parts that are to be fastened. Fastening turnbuckles in rigging is one of the typical applications of these pins; they are used in exuberance in the aircraft, automotive and construction industries.

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Logo for Wilson Mfg. Company Wilson Mfg. Company (Pipestone, MN)


Whatever your fastening need, Wilson Manufacturing Company has the high quality pin or key to do the job. Wilson Mfg Co. is also a OEM Mfg Co.

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Logo for Miller Products Company Miller Products Company (Osceola, IA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Our wide variety of stock parts include: Lock pins, Stainless steel lock pins, Hitch pins, Clevis pins, Snap-lock pins, Bent pull pins, Set collars, Lift arm pins and bushing, Quick-hitch adapters, Top link pins, Special pins to customer specifications.

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Logo for Pivot Point Inc Pivot Point Inc (Hustisford, WI)


Pivot Point manufactures clevis pins in-house. Stock pins are cold headed per IFI standards except for hole and point dimensions. All holes are chamfered for a superior part finish. Stock and specials in Carbon, Alloy and Stainless

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Wuerd Machinery CO.,LTD (Ningbo City, China)


Clevis/yoke as clevis DIN71752 and clevis joints as clevis joints DIN71751. DIN 71752 form G steel version as below: order example: clevis DIN 71752 G8x16 - M 8x1.25 Our clevises are also in accordance with DIN ISO 8140 except the chamfer point. - Materials: Low carton steel Alternative: stainless steel 304 or 316 - Surface: zinc white-blue, zinc yellow, zinc black or oiled - Left threads are avaiable as customer's requirement. -Non-standard clevises,clevis joints as customer’s drawings and samples.

A&S Pin Products Inc. (Worcester, MA)


A&S Pin Products Inc. offers a wide variety of clevis pins. Whether your application is for automotive, aircraft, construction or manufacturing, our clevis pins are offered in a wide range of materials meeting your specifications for length, diameter, and hole size. Our clevis pins are offered in Standard B18.8, MS20392, from one eighth of an inch to one and one quarter inch. We offer clevis pins in all materials.

The Stanlok Group- Standard Lock Washer & Mfg. (Worcester, MA)


A clevis pin is a type of fastener that allows rotation of the connected parts about the axis of the pin. Typical uses of a clevis pin include fastening turnbuckles in rigging. Clevis pins are used extensively in the Automotive, Aircraft and construction industries.

Danuser Machine Company, Inc. (Fulton, MO)


Specialty Parts range from our stock item Klik Pins, Link Pins and Ball Joints to specialty machined and fabricated parts. Our unique mix of products, originally manufactured for three-point hitches, are now incorporated into a wide variety of parts and industries.



clevis pins

Brunner Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Mauston, WI)


Cleveland City Forge (Wellington, OH)


Columbus McKinnon Corporation (Amherst, NY)


Lexco Cable Mfg. (Norridge, IL)


Meta Exports (Nashik, India)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Fastener Dimensions (Ozone Park, NY)


Dyson Corp (Painesville, OH)
Marken Tool Co., Inc. (Mundelein, IL)

Contract Manufacturer

Keats Manufacturing Co (Wheeling, IL)
National Bolt & Nut Co (Valley Stream, NY)
G.L. Huyett (Minneapolis, KS)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

We carry a complete pin inventory including; cotter, hitch, grooved, dowel, tapered, detent, positive lock, bridge, hair, clevis pins, and more! We also offer metrics, assortments, low prices, low minimums, same day shipping and custom packaging.

K & R Fasteners, Inc. (Port Richey, FL)


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