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Speed gear reducers, alternatively called gear heads or gear boxes, are used to decrease rotating speed, which is realized through an increment in torque and a decrement in output speed. Input, output shafts, and a set of gears are the constituents of the gear heads. The reducer receives input power from any source like motor and performs the task of converting this power into an output speed of lower magnitude; this lower-magnitude speed is transmitted to the connected load via an output shaft. These devices are employed in a variety of applications including printing presses, automation equipment, compressors, conveyors, pumps, generators and robotic applications.

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Custom Gears (Grand Rapids, MI)
Cycledynamics Corp (Hamilton, OH)
D J Manufacturing (Tunkhannock, PA)
Dankat Gear & Machine (Joliet, IL)
Davis Gear & Machine Co (Inglewood, CA)
Davis Machine Llc (Rexburg, ID)
Davis Tauris (Edmond, OK)
Dayton Gear & Tool Co Inc (West Carrollton, OH)
Dearborn Gear & Tool Co (Detroit, MI)
Decker Gear Inc (Port Huron, MI)
Delroyd Worm Gears (Niagara Falls, NY)
Dependable Gear Corp (Eastlake, OH)
Deran Gear Inc (Lubbock, TX)
Diamond Gear Co (Houston, TX)
Distributors Group (Mount Pleasant, MI)
Dixie Machinery Co (Monroe, OH)
Doppler Gear Co (Minneapolis, MN)
Drives & Bearing of Ny Inc (Brooklyn, NY)
Duncan Gear (Woodruff, SC)
Dyna East Corp (King of Prussia, PA)
Eagle Precision Gear Inc (South Bend, IN)
Eastern Precision Metals Inc (Lake Bluff, IL)
Ener-Dyne Inc (Pelham, AL)
Erlbacher Gear & Machine Works (Cape Girardeau, MO)
F B & B Machine Tools Inc (Richardson, TX)
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Results 151 to 175 of 420

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