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Logo for Universal Rubber Products, Inc. Universal Rubber Products, Inc. (Denver, NC)

Contract Manufacturer

Universal Rubber Products, Inc. is an experienced supplier of superior quality custom molded rubber & plastic products for every application imaginable.

    We are ready to serve you with complete
    rubber manufacturing capabilities

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Logo for Hunter Sales Corp Hunter Sales Corp (Bethel Park, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Optimum efficiency and economy of service are available with every molded or extruded shape supplied by Hunter Sales Corp. We will also supply estimates and recommendation concerning any application you may have for molded or extruded parts.

Product(s) by Hunter Sales Corp
Logo for DaPro Rubber, Inc. DaPro Rubber, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)


Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom molded rubber, plastic, TPE products. Whatever you create, we have the capability, knowledge and experience to be your molding partner.

Product(s) by DaPro Rubber, Inc.
Logo for South Bend Modern Molding, Inc. South Bend Modern Molding, Inc. (Mishawaka, IN)

Contract Manufacturer

Our engineers can help you with the design of your rubber parts. We will review your drawings and, where needed, recommend configuration changes which will improve the moldability of the part and/or increase the useful life of the tooling.

Product(s) by South Bend Modern Molding, Inc.
Logo for National Rubber Corporation National Rubber Corporation (Bethel Park, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

National Rubber Corporation offers a reliable source for custom Extrusion, Molding and secondary fabrication Services as per Customer'srequest. We can produce Tubing, Cord, Square, Rectangle, U-channel, D-shape, P-shape, LIP Quad and other complex shapes.

Product(s) by National Rubber Corporation
Logo for Colorado Molded Products Co Colorado Molded Products Co (Englewood, CO)


With over 200 year of combined experience, our staff will assist you in product design, engineering, manufacturing solutions and elastomer selection

Product(s) by Colorado Molded Products Co
Logo for Mac Divitt Rubber Co., LLC Mac Divitt Rubber Co., LLC (North Perry, OH)


We service these industries (but not limited to): Wire & Cable Seals, Automotive After-Market, Railroad, Marine, Mining, Highway, Construction, Beverage & Milling. We manufacture Custom Extruded Products, Truck/Trailer/Boat/Dock/Airplane: Bumpers & Wheel Chocks, Railroad Ballast Elements, Rail Flanges, Heavy Duty Molded Solid Rubber Ballast, Pipe Ramps, Guard Rail Bumpers, Column Protectors, Driveway Rubber Pipe Bases. Our molding processes include high and low volume production compression, transfer and injection molding. Products include Continuous vulcanization (CV) seals, O-Ring and custom seals, mesh cleaning balls, bottle grippers (available for most beverage machines), coil/spring boosters, carrier bearing cushions, valve stem seals, grommets, bushings, rollers, pedal pads.

Logo for Elastomeric Specialties, Inc. Elastomeric Specialties, Inc. (Montclair, CA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

MOLDED RUBBER PARTS AND ASSEMBLIES can be used for missile covers, CRT frames and card guides, and hand-held computers, to name a few. These precision parts can be used in Electrostatic Discharge Assemblies and in applications which require sealed or open-ended sealing, air and liquid control, or durable high-heat high-wear thermal isolation,

Logo for Rubberfab & Molding Rubberfab & Molding (Johnsburg, NJ)

Contract Manufacturer

Manufacturers of Hand Fabricated Rubber Products. Visit our website to view our capabilities.

Logo for Hiawatha Rubber Co. Hiawatha Rubber Co. (Minneapolis, MN)


Interstate Specialty Products (Sutton, MA)

Contract Manufacturer

Interstate handles a variety of custom fabricated rubber components for industry. These include specialty seals, gaskets, spliced and vulcanized O rings, EMI/RFI shielding, elastomer coated fabrics.

I.B. Moore Company, Inc. (Lexington, KY)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Manufacturer, Fabricator, & Distributer of Elastometric Products for Industry.

Precision Roll (Sanbornville, NH)


J.J. Short Associates, Inc. (Macedon, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

If it is made from rubber contact us! From rubber parts, gaskets, o-rings, washers to rubber covered rollers and hubs to rubber bonded to metal parts, J.J. Short has the expertise to provide you with a quality part, with quick turnarounds and pricing the works within your budget.

Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. (Hengshui, China)


There are air inflatable rubber dam, water inflatable rubber dam and bookend rubber dam. We have several kinds of inflatable rubber dam: air inflatable rubber dam, water inflatable rubber dam, bookend rubber dam, shield type rubber dam and spoiler rubber dam. We also offer automatic control system and various accessories. The material structure could be one cloth two rubber, two clothes three rubber, three clothes four rubber, etc. The color of inflatable rubber dam could be black, blue, red, gray, purple, etc. Medium of inflatable rubber dam is air or water. According to installation method, inflatable rubber dam can be divided into single anchor rubber dam and double anchor rubber dam. Double anchor rubber dam includes pillow-like rubber dam and inclined rubber dam. Our productions are mainly exported to Australasia, America, Europe, Africa, etc. Our customers usually are engineering contractors. We can send out the products in time, also can provide customers construction guidance. Our products are cost-effective which are popular among customers. Our products are considered to economical, durable, quality and have gained great acknowledgments from our customers. The productions also have simple structure, perfect seismic performance. When the rubber dam collapses completely, it is no resistant to water. The dam can be resistant to corrosion, weathering, aging, abrasion, sunlight, UV, heat and ozone.

Tortai technology (Dong Guan, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

We are specialist HMI user interface manufacturer, we have evolved to meet the growing demands of customers who want more sophisticated products, with more options and increased functionality. Our product range includes:•Complete HMI systems •Capacitive switches and touch panels •Display panels and products •Mechanical switch assemblies •Elastomeric keypads •Membrane keypad switches All of which are available with an array of complementary technologies, including electronic displays, communications interfaces, and enclosures to make sophisticated multi-function assemblies that save time and money. Creative solutions made possible by our excellent design and engineering team. In brief, the advantages Tortai offers are:•Experts in professional user interfaces for any application •Complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services •Ability to tame harsh environments •Thrive in "can't fail" applications •Shielding for RFI/EMI/EMP •Sealed to IP68 •Work in any lighting conditions •Integrate switches, displays, bezels, communications and more in one assembly •High value, high performance, high reliability products •Custom designed to your exact requirements Our goal is to help you make better products. Our development team solves problems and creates solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, durable, and tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need a small but critical component, or a sophisticated communications syste


Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Rubber extrusion profile: rubber solid extrusion, co-extrusion, rubber sponge extrusion, EPDM extrusion, silicone extrusion, NBR extrusion, neoprene extrusion, SBR extrusion… sealing profile application for building, construction, HVAC, industries, lighting, sanitary and marine. Vulcanize joining gasket: Injection jointed, hot vulcanize jointed Vent gasket, cord ring gasket, chimney flue gasket, sewer pipe gasket, manhole pipe gasket, iron pipe gasket, concrete pipe gasket Silicone products: silicone solid extrusion, silicone sponge extrusion, platinum curing Silicone tubing, peroxide silicone tubing, silicone profiles, gasket, seals, moulding, washer, stopper, damper etc. Moulded rubber: Rubber Seal, Bellow, washer, lighting gasket, bumper, buffer, anti-vibration damper, rubber grommet, rubber-metal bonded, O-ring, etc. Tubing and cord: Silicone tubing, Neoprene tubing, EPDM tubing, NBR tubing,, NR tubing, rubber cord, silicone cord, sponge cord etc.

Seahawk Manufacturing (Tulsa, OK)

Contract Manufacturer

Seahawk manufactures custom rubber products for a variety of industries from electronics, industrial, oil & gas, electrical and more. We carry a line of in-stock, quick ship parts for the oil & gas industry that includes: Pack-off rubbers Slip alignment rings Support plate rubber Packing rubber Non-extrusion o-rings RFC Seal Cameron type AW seal AW seal Cameron type TC-1W seal C-22 packoff rubbers C-22 alignment rings P-Seal with step or with no-step R-Seal S-seal Dovetail Seals FS Casing Seals Interfacial Seals Rubber o-rings – 1/2″ – 3/4″ cross section Rubber o-rings – 3/8″ to .4000 cross section See our full line catalog on-line at the link below or contact us today to request more information on custom molded rubber products and components.

Elastostar Rubber Corporation (Columbus, OH)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Elastostar Rubber Corporation fabricates custom extruded rubber profiles and products in all shapes, sizes and lengths from a wide range of rubber compounds. Our holistic capabilities and services include design, engineering, custom die making and manufacturing of elastomer products that allow us to manufacture products that match with your existing samples or products either from design or through prototype based reverse engineering and template duplication. Silicone Tubing Silicone Hose Silicone Cord Square (Solid & Hollow) Rectangular (Solid & Hollow) D-Shape P-Shape U-Channel E-Shape L-Shape H-Channel C-Channel T-Shape U-Channel (With Bulb) Bulb Seal Lip Seal Splicing Conductive Tubing

Main Vinh Rubber Company (MIVICO) (Garland, TX)


The main product of company is SVR 10 rubber with the following physical chemical criteria: Viet Nam Standard 3769:2004 SVR 10 1. Dust (retained on 45μm aperture),%m/m, not more than 0.16 2. Ash content,% m/m, not more than 0.8 3. N2 content, % m/m, not more than 0.6 4. Volatile content, % m/m, not more than 0.6 5. Initial plasticity (Po), not less than 30 6. Plasticity retention index ( PRI ), not less than 40

Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. (Worcester, MA)

Contract Manufacturer

Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. (JRW) offers a one stop resource for all of your custom rubber injection molding company needs. Since 1975 JRW has manufactured custom molded rubber parts with unparalleled accuracy. Some other custom rubber injection molding companies use aging compression and transfer rubber molding methods. JRW's state-of-the-art custom injection molding processes, the latest equipment, and a highly trained staff with years of rubber molding experience.

Rubber Silicone Molds (Ontario, ON)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

You don’t have to look anywhere else for the Silicone Fondant Molds when you have the right team from Rubber Silicone Molds to serve you well. The companies are proud to serve you and in the best way possible, to say the least. This firm can even provide you with Custom Silicone Molds just when the standard ones are not up to the mark.

Anar Rub Tech Pvt.Ltd. (Ahmedabad, India)


Rollers are basic and primary accessory for web process control. Even surface, appropriate material of coating according to the application, uniform hardness over the surface, along with precision workmanship play vital rollin performance of the roller. Selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material. ‘ANAR RUB TECH’ manufactures wide range of rollers for varied applications.

Ningbo Jiangdong Grommet Rubber Inc. (Ningbo, China)


What we do: rubber seals, grommets,isolators,bumpers, rubber mounts,boots,bushings, cushions, Shock absorber bushes, control arm bush, engine mount, vibration isolation mounts, O-ring and metal-to-rubber parts. Anti-vibration mountings Service weight gasket, multite gasket, dual tite gasket-extra heavy Hydraulic seals, rod seals, piston seals, U cups ,piston cups Yours faithfully Jun Wang / 王 军 Ningbo Jiangdong Grommet Rubber Inc. E:;    Http://

shenzhenzhonghui rubber industry co,.ltd (shenzhen, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

1, Material: NBR,CR,SBR,EPDM,IIR,HNBR,ACM,NR,EP,Silicone,Viton etc. 2, Hardness: Between 30~90 shore A 3, Property: high/low temperature resistance,oil and fuel resistance,weathering resistance,Ozone resistance etc. 4, Certification: ISO9001:2008,ROHS,FDA 5, Packing: plastic bag&carton box or according to your requirements. 6,Application:electronic field, industrial machine& equipment, house-hold appliance, tele-communication, automobile, medical equipment industry etc. 7, According to your drawings or samples. 8, OEM or ODM is welcomed.

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