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Logo for Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. (Torrance, CA)


NMI produces a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment for aluminum, plastics and ferrous metal, industrial magnetic equipment for lifting, sweeping; impact bin vibrators; magnetic strainers/filters; and rotary kiln dryer systems.

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Logo for Kimre, Inc. Kimre, Inc. (Miami, FL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Features and benefits LIQUI-NOMIX® Liquid-Liquid Separators
* Cleanable, Reusable Cartridges
* Outlet Limits < 2 ppm
* Composite Design Resists Fouling
* Exceptional Usage in Oil/Water Separators

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Logo for Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (Boyne City, MI)

Manufacturer, Distributor

IMI specializes in industrial magnetic separators for the removal of ferrous metal contaminants from dry or liquid product flows to improve product purity and protect processing equipment from damage. While available in standard designs to meet most applications, IMI specializes in modified standard products and custom solutions.

Product(s) by Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Logo for Midwestern Industries Inc Midwestern Industries Inc (Massillon, OH)


Constructed to meet your specific screening needs, Midwestern's separators range in size from 24-inches to 72-inches. Choose from carbon or stainless steel and a variety of accessories, frames and screens to optimize your screener's efficiency. Speak to an experienced screening professional at 877-474-9464 or visit us online: Celebrating 60 years in the screening industry!

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Russell Finex (PINEVILLE, NC)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

he Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is an advanced version of traditional liquid solid separators. This multi-purpose centrifugal separator has the ability to deal with soft and fibrous oversized solids and is adaptable to virtually any process. The centrifugal action of the impeller provides the machine with the ability to achieve high capacity separation on fine meshes down to 20 microns.The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ can easily match capacities of 60" diameter vibratory screens and is ideal for applications that require high capacity filtration where investment into other liquid solid separators such as centrifuges is not viable. Features & Benefits Centrifugal Liquid Solid Separator Separator Increase your productivity - Capable of handling high flow rates of liquid slurries up to 100,000 l/hr Reduce your costs - Liquid Solid Separators™ reduce loss of good product and disposal costs of effluent streams Operator friendly - Simple to operate and tune for optimum separation quality Easy cleaning - Stripdown and assembly easily accomplished by one operator. Spray bar system available for backflushing the mesh either during or at end of a production run

Dongyang Tianli Magnet Co Ltd (Jinhua, China)


it is a professional manufacturer of machines for magnetic separation, iron removal, and mining, etc. and has specialty in research & development, mine design and installation and debugging. We have maintained cooperative relationships with many universities and institutes in China, out of which, we have developed more than thirty series of Tianli branded magnetic separators, iron removers, and mining equipment, etc. which include hundreds of products with different specifications.

CentriTech, Inc. (Pinehurst, TX)

Service Company

Centritech offers a full range of centrifugal separator products and services for most major brands, including: – liquid-liquid centrifuge separation technology – liquid-solid centrifuge separation technology – solids dewatering systems technology – centrifuge liquid filtration systems technology – fluid clarification systems technology CentriTech is your end-to-end centrifugal separator service partner, and offers repair, rebuilds, refurbishing, reconditioning, retrofits, control panel component and operating and programming updating.

Sifter Parts & Service, Inc. (Wesley Chapel, FL)


All metal, sanitary, magnesium alloy construction CS-1 gyratory sifter Application - For accurate sizing of dry, free flowing materials. For sanitary sizing of dry products. Separation - Feed sizes - 200 mesh to 1/4" Screening Area - 10 to 35 square feet available with 2 to 7 decks for separating into 2, 3 or 4 products.

Star Trace Private Limited (Chennai, United Arab Emirates)


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Magnetic Separators. Our range includes Magnetic Roll Separators, Magnetic Drum Separators, Over-band Magnetic Separator, Liquid Line Magnets, Magnetic Head Pulley, Eddy Current Separator, Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator, Low Intensity Magnetic Separator, Electrostatic Drum Separators, Wet Drum Separators, Magnetic Scrap Drum Separators, Magnetic Grill.

Munson Machinery (Utica, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Munson Rotary Drum Screens utilize a cylindrical drum constructed of wedge wire screen to remove solid materials from waste streams at capacities from 200 to 4,650 gal/min. (757 to 17,600 liter/min.) Effluent discharges from a head box, overflows a dam and flows onto the outside of the rotating cylinder...

Foremost Machine Builders Inc. (Fairfield, NJ)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Rid your process line of metal contaminants with metal detectors and separation systems from Foremost. We have in-line metal detectors sensitive enough to detect and reject both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants down to 0.02" found in free falling material, vacuum conveying lines, and on belt conveyors.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp. / DynaCon (Muskegon, MI)


Dynamic Conveyor offers versatility in parts separation by providing two separator styles. The Lift Pin Separator is best suited for large, gangly runners and smaller parts. Ideal separation for small parts close in size to their runners is achieved with the Rotating Cage Separator.

Domnick Hunter Inc. (Charlotte, NC)


To help meet the various world wide requirements domnick hunter ES2000 Series Oil / Water separators can be selected to provide an outlet of less than 25, 20, 10 or 5mg/L ppmw) of oil in water (Independently verified by testing bodies such as TUV).

Magnatronix - Electromagnetic Materials Manufacturers in Chennai, India (Chennai, India)


We offer the best level of Drum Separators, which has a wide applications like scrap processing, auto shredding, mining and aggregate massive volumes of metal ought to be removed. Drum Separator features a continuously self-cleaning magnet, which can be provided in the drum.

ELECTRO FLUX (Ambattur, India)


Electro Flux Equipments Pvt Ltd is head quartered in Chennai with manufacturing unit, established in the year 2005 and since then has consolidated its position as a market leader in Design, Manufacturing and Marketing of Electromagnets, Magnetic Separators and Vibrating Equipments.


Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Providing petroleum equipment solutions for over 50 years. Pumping, metering, storage and everything in between, we provide it all for retail applications, commercial applications, fleet applications, governmental applications, aviation applications, bulk storage applications, industrial applications, maintenance shops & tank trucks.

COGELME (Tortona, Italy)


Cogelme non ferrous metal separator has got a wide success and is used by the recyclers in various sectors – plastic, municipal waste, glass, foundry sand, cars recycling and all the other wherever metal is founded.

Edjean Technical Services, Inc. (Wellington, OH)


The Tramp Oil Separator System (T.O.S.S.) extends the life of metalworking and metal forming fluids and detergent wash waters by removing free floating, dispersed, and loosely emulsified tramp oils from coolant reservoirs or parts washers.

Penn Separator Corporation (Brookville, PA)


Manufacture Since 1956 of Boiler Blowdown Equipment and Auxiliaries, Flash and Entrainment Separators, Exhaust Heads and Silencers, Continuous Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems, Custom Manufacturing of Carbon and Stainless Pressure Vessel to ASME co.

Didion International Inc. (St. Peters, MO)


The high efficiency design, reliability, and low maintenance requirements of every DIDION machine has turned the company into the world leader in Rotary Processing Machinery - saving customers throughout the world substantial operating costs.

Forsbergs, Inc. (Thief River Falls, MN)


Recognized world wide as leaders in the separation industry. Primary equipment line vacuum gravity separator. Our line also consists of pressure type gravity separators; vacuum & pressure destoners; screeners and screen-aires; hullers; conveyors & fans.

Clear Flow Filtration Systems (Portland, OR)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Whether you’re looking for an outboard fuel water separator or a diesel fuel water separator, our fuel water separators are compact, versatile, and fully configurable

ERIEZ (Erie, PA)


Eriez Magnetics designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for the process and metalworking industries.

Burgess-Manning, Inc. (Orchard Park, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Manufacturer of industrial silencers for engines, pumps, compressors, blowers. High efficiency separators, scrubbers & filters for removal of solids & liquids from gas, air or steam.

Recovered Energy, Inc. (Pocatello, ID)


Water Treatment consultation and Equipment manufacturer for: Contaminant Removal Oil Water Separation (USCG Certified and MARPOL approved) Iron Removal Desalination Disinfecton

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