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Company: Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc.
Address:work20695 S Western Ave #242
 workTorrance, CA 90501  United States
E-mail:E-mailE-Mail Company
Website:Computer and Globe
Contact: Jim Crane - Sales
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Map of Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc.
About Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc.:
 Company LogoNippon Magnetics, Inc has specialized in magnetic and electromagnetic industrial material handling equipment since 1947. NMI has manufacturing and sales offices throughout Japan as well as a sales office in California. NMI produces a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment for aluminum, plastics and ferrous metal, industrial magnetic equipment for lifting, sweeping; impact bin vibrators; magnetic strainers/filters; and rotary kiln dryer systems. Tradenames include: MagHammer and Hand Magnetool. NMI holds many Design Patents for unique material handling and separation equipment as well as Utility Model Patents.