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Torsion springs are mechanical devices that store energy and offer resistance when subjected to external forces, in this case, torque. Torsion springs exert torque in a circular arc and the arms are rotated about the central axis. The ends of a torsion spring are rotated in an angular deflection. Although the name implies otherwise, a torsion spring is subjected to bending stress rather than torsion stress. Learn more about torsion springs.

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Logo for HyTech Spring and Machine Corp. HyTech Spring and Machine Corp. (Plainwell, MI)

Contract Manufacturer

HyTech manufactures a wide range of springs with open, closed and ground ends from wire .002" diameter up to .177" diameter. Our CNC grinding department offers automated feeding to grinders, crush grinding and down-feed grinding, holding tolerances down to +/-.002".

Primarily Serving: Kalamazoo, MI - Battle Creek, MI - Wyoming, MI - Grand Rapids, MI

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Logo for James Spring & Wire Company James Spring & Wire Company (Frazer, PA)


Custom Torsion Springs: Wire size: 0.006" to 0.165"
Secondary processes and assembly services; Special packaging available.
We are ISO 9001:2000 registered.

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Logo for Lee Spring Company Lee Spring Company (Brooklyn, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer…

Lee offers both Stock Torsion Springs in Music Wire and Stainless Steel and Custom Torsion Springs. There are many options for custom leg configuration so the spring can be attached in different ways. Leg specifications to consider for torsion springs include leg angle, equal leg length, and leg end style. Capabiliteis inlclude both single and double torsion.

Primarily Serving: New York, NY - Jersey City, NJ - Bayonne, NJ - Union City, NJ

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Logo for The D.R. Templeman Co. The D.R. Templeman Co. (Plainville, CT)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Manufacturer of precision torsion and double torsion springs complete per your specifications for industrial, medical and consumer products. All spring materials. Wire sizes from 0.004" [0.1mm] to 0.080" [2.0mm]. On-line stock torsion spring catalog for immediate delivery. Expert engineering assistance available.

Primarily Serving: New Britain, CT - Bristol, CT - West Hartford, CT - Meriden, CT

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Logo for Diamond Wire Spring Company Diamond Wire Spring Company (Glenshaw, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Helical springs used to apply torque or store rotational energy are commonly referred to as torsion springs. The two most common types are single and double-bodied springs.

Primarily Serving: Pittsburgh, PA - Youngstown, OH - Canton, OH - Akron, OH

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Logo for AMMTECH Spring Ltd AMMTECH Spring Ltd (Richmond, BC)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

As leading Spring Manufacturers, we are very proud of our experienced staff that strive to ensure that the products we ship meet or beat industry standard & our lead times are kept short & on time; much of our work is done in 1-1/2 weeks or less.

Logo for Mercer Spring & Wire Co Mercer Spring & Wire Co (Townville, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Helical springs used to apply torque are called torsion springs, and can be made either single body or double body. Energy is stored due to twisting of the bar. They are typically manufactured using round wire. The particular design of the spring end is primarily for the purpose of transmitting external torque to the spring.

Primarily Serving: Erie, PA - Youngstown, OH - Mentor, OH - Pittsburgh, PA

Logo for Spring Manufacturing Corp Inc Spring Manufacturing Corp Inc (Tewksbury, MA)


Torsion springs are helical springs used to apply a torque or store rotational energy. The two most common forms of torsion springs are single-bodied and double-bodied springs. We have a few examples of extension springs shown below. With years of experience assisting in the design and manufacture of precision springs, we are always available to help meet your challenge. Contact us today to get us on board for your next project.

Primarily Serving: Lowell, MA - Lawrence, MA - Haverhill, MA - Medford, MA

Logo for Peterson Spring Peterson Spring (Southfield, MI)


Helical springs used to apply a torque or store rotational energy are commonly referred to as "torsion springs" and are typically found in single-and double-bodied forms. Everyday uses include clothespins, ratchets, counterbalance mechanisms, and as a coupling between concentric shafts such as in motor and pump assembly. Cost-conscious torsion springs implement round wire.

Primarily Serving: Royal Oak, MI - Farmington, MI - Livonia, MI - Troy, MI

Dependable Spring Company (Oregon City, OR)

Contract Manufacturer

Torsion springs (single or double) are another one of our CNC capabilities. Torsion springs are found where ever there is torque involved in an operation. It works when force is applied to the arm of the spring which in turn shrinks the body diameter, allowing residence to occur. With an infinitive amount of configurations our CNC machines can produce most torsion operations needed in any applicable business. At no extra cost to the customer we can provide: - Technical specifications at your request (i.e. tolerances for critical dimensions, proper size and type of material, etc.) - SPC data on production runs. - Design support and problem solving to ensure functionality of product at the most effective cost.

Primarily Serving: Clackamas, OR - Gresham, OR - Portland, OR - Beaverton, OR

AmeriSprings Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)


Torsion springs, double torsion springs, torque coils and clutch springs are used to apply torque or store rotational energy. The two most common types are single and double-bodied springs. Our custom made products can be found in counterbalance mechanisms, ratchets and various types of machine components. Torsion springs, torque coils and clutch springs are generally mounted around a shaft or arbor and must be supported at three or more points.

Primarily Serving: Camden, NJ - Levittown, PA - Wilmington, DE - Trenton, NJ

Hardware Products Company (Chelsea, MA)


The spring specialists at Hardware Products can assist you in the design of your unique torsion springs. We will focus on your application and enter your parameters into our official Spring Manufacturer's Institute spring design program. Our precision recommendation will be sent to you for final adjustments and approval.

Primarily Serving: Revere, MA - Malden, MA - Boston, MA - Somerville, MA

Lew-El Tool & Mfg. Co. (Chicago, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Lew-El Tool specialty is custom flat springs which include recoil springs, power springs, motor springs, counterbalance springs, clock springs, and brush holder springs. Our springs have been components in a wide variety of products for industries including medical, OEM, aerospace, and automotive.

Primarily Serving: Cicero, IL - Oak Park, IL - Oak Lawn, IL - Skokie, IL

Timac Spring Manufacturing Co. (Xenia, OH)


We can produce small orders or prototypes from 0.006" diameter wire to 0.406" diameter wire and foil to 0.125" thick strip stock. For those large quantity jobs we have state of the art CNC spring and wire forming equipment with automated gauging.

Primarily Serving: Dayton, OH - Springfield, OH - Middletown, OH - Hamilton, OH

Hangzhou Jiangnan Spring Co., Ltd (Hangzhou, China)


Spring ends are an important consideration in the final product assembly, and we offer custom built to print ends to suit any configuration. Some typical spring ends we produce include hinge ends, hooked ends, and straight offset ends.

Spring Works Utah (Woods Cross, UT)


If you would like free design assistance, (RFQ) request for quote, or would like to speak with one of our representatives about your torsion spring project, please Contact Us. Ph: 801.298.0113 Fx: 801.292.8006

Primarily Serving: Salt Lake City, UT - Layton, UT - West Jordan, UT - Sandy, UT

Elyria Spring & Specialty Inc. (Elyria, OH)


Extensive capabilities in compression, torsion, extension, flat springs and wave washers in various materials such as stainless steel alloys, music wire, phosphorus bronze, oil tempered wire in both round and shaped forms.

Primarily Serving: Lorain, OH - Lakewood, OH - Cleveland, OH - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Fox Valley Spring Co., Inc. (Greenville, WI)


We have 13 automated spring coilers, 5 of which are computer-controlled, allowing us to manufacture complex springs in one operation. We are committed to continually invest in the latest technologies.

Primarily Serving: Appleton, WI - Oshkosh, WI - Green Bay, WI - Waukesha, WI

Economy Spring & Stamping Co. (Southington, CT)


We provide advanced quality planning and economical production through skilled engineering, precision equipment and conformance to customer requirements. We manufacture torsion springs, extrusion springs, compression springs, and wire forms!

Primarily Serving: Meriden, CT - Bristol, CT - New Britain, CT - Waterbury, CT

MSDivisions (Middletown, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

MSDivisions manufactures stock and custom springs, including the usual torsion, compression, and extension, with wire diameters from .006 and up. Stock and custom metric springs too.

Primarily Serving: Wayne, NJ - Paterson, NJ - Clifton, NJ - Passaic, NJ

Multi-Form Spring Mfg Ltd (Richmond, BC)


Our springs include: Compression, Extension, Torsion, Double Torsion, Carter Springs. We can produce springs ranging from one piece to multi production orders to customer specifications.

Automatic Spring Products Corp. (Grand Haven, MI)


Compression Springs, Extension Springs, & Torsion Coiling: ASPC can manufacture precision compression and extension springs. We manufacture precision torsion springs and wire forms.

Primarily Serving: Wyoming, MI - Grand Rapids, MI - Kalamazoo, MI - Battle Creek, MI

Tollman Spring Co., Inc. (Bristol, CT)


Tollman Spring manufactures a wide variety of compression, extension and torsion springs to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

Primarily Serving: New Britain, CT - Waterbury, CT - West Hartford, CT - Meriden, CT

PJ SPRING CO., INC. (West Chicago, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Unlimited end configurations are achievable with the use of multidirectional forming slides. (Wire size: Min.=0.010" Max.=0.312")

Primarily Serving: Wheaton, IL - Naperville, IL - Aurora, IL - Elgin, IL

Quality Spring/Togo Inc (Coldwater, MI)


Hose clamps; compression, extension & torsion springs; spring assembly parts

Primarily Serving: Battle Creek, MI - Kalamazoo, MI - Elkhart, IN - Fort Wayne, IN

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About Torsion Springs

Springs are mechanical components that have mechanical energy stored in them, capable of undergoing structural changes when subjected to external forces. Torsion Springs by Industrial Spring Corp.

Springs are available in many types. Some important types of springs are: leaf springs, compression springs, extension springs, disc springs, snap springs, etc. Torsion springs are designed to offer resistance to externally applied torque. By definition, torque is a force that tends to produce rotation. Torsion springs exert torque in a circular arc and the arms are rotated about the central axis. The ends of a torsion spring are rotated in an angular deflection. Although the name implies otherwise, a torsion spring is subjected to bending stress rather than torsion stress. A torsion spring performs at its best when supported by a rod (mandrel) or tube that is coincident with the hinge line of the final product. This type of spring is normally close wound but can have pitch to reduce friction between the coils.

Common types of ends on torsion springs are hook, hinged, straight offset and straight torsion ends. To produce them requires limited tooling. Space and size utilization is dependant on the torque required and the end formation used. In application determination, the Inside Diameter (I.D.) and the spring length are needed for proper sizing. Torsion springs may either have a right hand coil or a left hand coil.

A unique type of torsion spring is a double torsion spring. This consists of one set of coils coiled right hand and one set of coils coiled left hand. These coils are connected and work in parallel. These sections are designed separately with the total torque being the sum of the two.

Formulas for Torsion Springs:

1. Torque (Moment) is the applied force in pounds pushing at a right angle to the leg times its distance in inches to the centerline of the spring body: Torque = Load x Length

If the torque required to rotate the spring through a given angle is needed, then the Torque formula is: Torque = Rate x Degrees

2. The degrees in the following formula relate to the angular deflection through which the spring leg is required to rotate. This allows you to calculate the spring constant rate: Rate = Torque / Degrees. Rate for round wire, helical torsion springs: Rate = PL / Θ

3. Relative angle orientation of the spring is determined by the number of coils in the spring:

  • An even number of coils produces a flat or 180° angle to the spring
  • An even number of coils plus an 1/8 of a turn will produce a 45° angle to the spring
  • An even number of coils plus 1/4 turn will produce a 90° angle to the spring
  • An even number of coils plus 3/4 turn will produce a 270° angle to the spring.

4. Stress in bending in p.s.i.: S = 32PLK / πd3

  • P = Load in Lbs.
  • L = Moment arm in inches
  • Θ (Theta) = Angle of deflection in degrees
  • π (pi) = 3.14159
  • E = 30 x 106 (28 x 106/stainless), Young's Modulus
  • d = Wire diameter in inches
  • D = Body mean diameter (O. D. -d) in inches
  • O. D. = Outside Diameter in inches
  • N = Number of coils
  • K = Stress correction factor
  • R = Rate in Lbs./degrees

Materials used for Fabricating Torsion Springs:

Alloys of steel are used to manufacture most types of springs. Some of the most common types of spring steels are oil tempered wire, chrome silicon, chrome vanadium, 302 and 17-7 stainless. Depending on the characteristics and need of the applications a few other materials are also used to fabricate springs. Beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, Inconel, Monel, and titanium are some of the other materials used to make springs.


As examples of their use, torsion springs are found in garage doors, automotive assemblies, tools, machinery, toys and appliances. Torsion springs come in a wide variety of sizes and strengths.

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