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 O-ring Belts (O-ring Drive Belt)
DuraBelt manufactures resilient endless round belts, (also called O-ring belts or endless drive belts) for power transmission applications and live roller conveyors, i.e., lineshaft conveyors and powered roller conveyors. Urethane endless belts are elastomeric belts, meaning they are designed to stretch, so they do not require a belt tensioner.
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 Flat Belt Incline
• Solid elastic urethane.
• Thicknesses: .031", .063", .094", .125"
• Any width to 11.75"
• Any length above 3.5"
• Colors: clear (.031" & .063"), orange (.094" & .125")
• Durometers: 70A, 83A, 85A, 92A, 95A
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 Flat Belt with Tracking Sleeve
• Crowns rollers -- prevents flat belts from walking and wandering.
• Fits under flat belt.
• Easily installed with our RAVE technique.
• Stays put. Will not move.
• Durometer: 92A
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 Wide Flat Belts
• Wide elastic belts move heavier loads.
• Flat belts have much more surface contact area than round belts so slipping is virtually eliminated.
• Elastic belts mean no belt tensioners needed.
• Available in any width up to 11.5" wide in clear color (1/32" and 1/16" thick), and in orange color (3/32" and 1/8" thick).
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 Flat belts move heavy loads
Set up for moving 1500 lb boxes on 80 mm powered rollers using 1/8" thick flat belts.
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 Anti Slip Groove Sleeves
• Slip resistant sleeves provide high coefficient of friction even when wet
• Effectively creates non-slip urethane belts.
• Works well in many environments (e.g., dust, sawdust, beer, water)
• Works on steel rollers or plastic pulleys.
• Fit inside roller and pulley grooves, effectively coating the surface with high friction urethane.
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 Round Belts (Round Belting)
O-ring belts for light duty power transmission applications.
• Cross-sections from 1/16" to 3/4", metric sizes (2mm to 18mm) and standard O-ring sizes.
• Any length above 3" cut length
• Durometers from 70A to 100A, also 55D
• No need for belt tensioners.
• Available in many colors and textures.
• Economical -- no tooling charge.
• Best resilience of any elastic material.
• Tough & durable. Cut and abrasion resistant
• Non-marking. Won't fray.
• Fits round or V pulleys.
• Resistant to fuels and oils. Easily cleaned.
• Most are Food Grade USDA/FDA approved.
• Available with UV resistance.
• Available in Jungle or Nautical urethane.
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 Standard Line Shaft Belts
• 100% pure virgin urethane (no regrind) cord lasts longer and provides greater drive.
• Low cost.
• Available in all lineshaft belt sizes.
• Made from 83A durometer Cyclothane-A
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 Super Red 90A Lineshaft Belts
• 70% to 100% more drive tension than standard lineshaft belts.
• Doubles your conveyor's capacity -- with comparable belt life.
• Ideal for merges and curves where extra drive is needed.
• Made from 90A durometer Cyclothane-A.
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 Abuse Resistant Rough Green Belts
• Works on high speed applications (over 250 feet/min).
• Ideal on curves, where belts rub so hard against roller grooves that smooth belts tend to abrade.
• Provides about 30% more drive than 83A belts.
• 88A Durometer Cyclothane-A.
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 Anti-Static Belts
• Made from 90A Cyclothane-SD.
• Static dissipative cord eliminates static faster than "anti-static" urethane -- 100 times faster.
• Volume resistivity 5 x 109 ohms-cm.
• Surface resistivity 5 x 109 ohms/sq.
• Static decay rate
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 Low Temperature Belts
• 90 durometer Hytrel ฎ belts
• Temperature range 32ฐF to -40ฐF (0ฐC to -40ฐC).
• Ideal for ice cream plants.
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 Metal Detectable Belts
The problem with using elastic urethane belting in the food industry is that a broken belt that falls on a food conveyor cannot be detected with metal detectors, so it can get packaged with the food. Our new Metal Detectable belts, made from round, food grade urethane, solve this problem.
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 Anti-Vibration Belts
Belts that run on bare shafts usually "walk", i.e., screw down the shaft and snap back. This causes high frequency vibrations that stretch and abrade most belts. Anti Vibration belts are slippery enough to resist walking but still provide sufficient drive for most applications.
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 Urethane Springs
• Hold Down Clips are also called Schlingen or Loops.
• Made from O-ring belts and polytubes.
• Often used on conveyor curves to connect the outside edge of wide flat belts to chains so that the flat belts will not slip inward.
• Works best in applications where constant tension is desired.
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 Twisted Quick Connect Belts
• Quickly replaces urethane endless round belts
• Easily installed in the field without dismantling drive shafts.
• Eliminate costly downtime.
• Installs in 25 seconds with Speedy Belt Installer
• Lengths from 2" to 300 ft. (50mm to 100 meters).
• Measure them from tip to tip, excluding hook.
• Diameters from 3/32" to 7/16". Also metric sizes.
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 Abuse Resistant Green Twisted Belts
• Rough green twisted belts work well on misaligned pulleys.
• Great for high speed lineshaft curves, where belts rub hard and fast against roller grooves.
• Stretch them 14%.
• Use only with plastic hooks that come with the belts.
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 Connect by hand
The tips of quick fix belts are loops that you connect together with small stainless steel or plastic hooks that come with the belts.
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 Connect with Speedy Belt Installer
• Installs Twisted Belts in 25 seconds.
• No need to drop rollers.
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 Double Twisted belts
• Made from four strands of cord instead of two.
• Supports greater loads while letting you use smaller pulleys.
• Hooks are staggered so they do not rub against each other.
• The thick section necks down to the same size when the belt is stretched and installed.
• Available in virtually any length, diameter, color and durometer.
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• Most styles, sizes, colors and materials (urethane, polyester Hytrel)
• With or without cogs.
• Standard or inverted Vee.
• With or without polyester reinforcement.
• Optional Rough Top or Super Grip affixed to the top surface.
• Super-Strong Welds allow the belt to run on smaller pulleys with sharp back bends.
• Durometers: 70A, 75A, 80A, 83A, 85A, 90A, 95A, 100A, 53D
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 Vee Fin Belts
• Super-Strong Welds keeps fins from breaking off, even in abusive applications
• Endless or connectable with lligator lacing
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 Orange Belting
• Round, Vee, Twisted, and wide flat belts
• 83A and 85A durometer
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 Abuse Resistant, HT Rough Green Belts
• Rough green belts have a low COF that lets them slip easier with less heat build up, so they can take more abuse.
• The trade off is that they slip too soon, so they cannot move heavy boxes like smooth belts.
• We recommend rough green belts in applications where boxes are light to moderate weight, and where PLC's are set to power through jams -- or where there are no sensors to detect jams.
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 Round Green Belts
• Rough surface effectively makes belts more abrasive resistant.
• Not food grade -- rough surfaces are not USDA/FDA approved.
• Also available in 86A, 88A, and 90A durometer
• Available with polyester cord reinforced for applications that require less stretching.
• Superior water resistance (hydrolytically stabilized) -- ideal for washdown applications
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 Urethane Extrusion Profiles
• Round Cord.
• V Cord.
• Flat cord up to 38" wide.
• Hollow Cord.
• Oval Cord.
• Twisted Cord.
• Durometers: 70A thru 100A, 55D thru 63D
• Some with polyester reinforcement.
• Urethane, Hytrelฎ, PVC.
• Most colors.
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 Belt Splicing Kits (Joint Welding Tools)
Chose from three Belt Splicing Kits:
• Round & Vee Welding Kit
• Round,Vee & Flat Welding Kit
• Heavy Duty Welding Kit – welds reinforced belts
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 Hollow Belting
• Outside diameters: 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2"
• Colors: clear urethane
• Durometers: 83A, 85A
• Maximum belt stretch with standard barbs is 7%
• Available in rolls of any length up to 1000 feet
• Each 100 ft. roll comes with 25 aluminum barbs (20 barbs with 3/8" and 1/2" cord)
• Violation of minimum pulley diameters will cause barb to cut through cord.
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