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 Twisted Quick Connect Belts

Quickly replaces urethane endless round belts
Easily installed in the field without dismantling drive shafts.
Eliminate costly downtime.
Installs in 25 seconds with Speedy Belt Installer
Lengths from 2" to 300 ft. (50mm to 100 meters).
Measure them from tip to tip, excluding hook.
Diameters from 3/32" to 7/16". Also metric sizes.
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 Abuse Resistant Green Twisted Belts

Rough green twisted belts work well on misaligned pulleys.
Great for high speed lineshaft curves, where belts rub hard and fast against roller grooves.
Stretch them 14%.
Use only with plastic hooks that come with the belts.
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 Connect by hand

The tips of quick fix belts are loops that you connect together with small stainless steel or plastic hooks that come with the belts.
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 Connect with Speedy Belt Installer

Installs Twisted Belts in 25 seconds.
No need to drop rollers.
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 Double Twisted belts

Made from four strands of cord instead of two.
Supports greater loads while letting you use smaller pulleys.
Hooks are staggered so they do not rub against each other.
The thick section necks down to the same size when the belt is stretched and installed.
Available in virtually any length, diameter, color and durometer.
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